The COVID-19 Select Subcommittee Will Give Long-Overdue Answers to the American People – RedState

The COVID-19 Select Subcommittee Will Give Long-Overdue Answers to the American People – RedState

In a nationwide survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports between January 26 and 29, of 900 likely voters in the United States, 66 percent agree that Congress should conduct an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, and 45 percent of that number say they “strongly agree.”

Earlier that week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the House members who would be serving on the select committee investigating the origins of COVID-19, as well as investigating the weaponization of federal government agencies. One of those members is Georgia Representative Rich McCormick. Dr. McCormick is a decorated veteran who oversaw emergency medicine during his deployments. McCormick is also an ER doctor who treated patients during the active stages of the pandemic response, so he offers a unique and first-hand perspective on the quality of the national health apparatus and the government’s response to COVID-19.

McCormick wrote an op-ed in The Washington Examiner:

Americans deserve answers about how Washington responded to the pandemic. They deserve policies that better protect public health while honoring our inalienable rights. And they deserve honest conversations with their doctors about the best treatment options without government inserting itself into the process.

That’s why I have been asked to serve on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, which will investigate and report on the mistakes and successes of the last three years to improve future pandemic response.

The select subcommittee appears to not only be interested in uncovering answers but instituting safeguards in order to ensure this never happens again.

We will start with exploring the origins of COVID-19, including the extent of our government’s participation in gain-of-function research at home and abroad. These important questions have been waved away by powerful people for too long.

Now that Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the architects involved in gain-of-function research has “retired,” and no longer has government immunity, he should be required to answer for his hand in that, as well as his own profiteering off the pandemic. Dr. Deborah Birx revealed in her book that she manipulated the numbers given to then-Vice President and head of the government’s Coronavirus Task Force Mike Pence. She had the audacity to admit on cable news that,

“I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines …”

Subpoenas and perp walks should be the order of the day with these two and so many others.

We also need to look at the economic impact of Washington’s pandemic response. Shutdowns and restrictions upended millions of lives, destroying jobs and businesses across the nation. On the flip side, we need to see how effectively taxpayer dollars were used for relief programs and uncover any fraud, waste, and abuse that occurred. Our government shouldn’t be bankrupting anyone to fight a disease, and it shouldn’t be making anyone rich, either.

The tragedy in America is that the specter of fraud coupled with so-called federal relief effectively destroyed many small businesses, while Amazon, Walmart, and Costco thrived. Then there is the essential data on the spread of COVID and key metrics about the pandemic response. These were manipulated, doctored, or destroyed in the name of “science.” Any true metrics on how many people actually died FROM COVID as opposed to WITH COVID will never be known because of the financial incentives given to hospitals and medical centers to count COVID deaths.

We’re going to examine how closing schools affected the education and development of America’s children and see whether these decisions were guided by science or politics. We also need to have a tough conversation about vaccine mandates and the wisdom of forcing members of our military and government employees to comply, and discuss non-coercive ways to keep everyone healthy.

Above our small businesses and the elderly, our children have greatly suffered under the guise of false metrics on masks and flawed studies on vaccines in children. Any credible findings on masks, vaccine efficacy, vaccine injury, and the boons of early treatment and proper treatment are coming from countries that had less of an investment in controlling and bamboozling their people.

The UK Daily Mail reported on one study, which found:

Masks made ‘little to no difference’ to Covid infection or death rates, according to one of the most comprehensive meta-analyses of face coverings.

The research – carried out by the Cochrane Institute, the ‘gold standard’ of evidence-based reviews – looked at 78 global studies involving over a million people.

Results indicated that surgical masks reduced the risk of catching ‘Covid or a flu-like illness’ by just five percent – a figure so low it may not be statistically significant.

Another study, from Scandinavian countries, uncovers the lie that myocarditis is prevalent among the unvaccinated who contract COVID, rather than it being a byproduct of the vaccine.

The authors worked for health departments of the four Nordic countries. They were tasked with looking at their entire populations (and their computerized records), seeking out instances of myocarditis. They had vaccination records for all people as well.

It turned out that in their countries:

  • 530 people had myocarditis from the vaccine
  • 109 had myocarditis from Covid-19

As far as deaths go:

  • 27 persons died from vaccine myocarditis
  • 18 died from Covid-related myocarditis.

And the beat goes on. Dr. McCormick points out that these inconvenient truths revealed too late are among the reasons why this select subcommittee has been welcomed.

Millions of people have been asking Washington for transparency and accountability in its COVID-19 response from day one, only to face censorship on social networks and mockery from the media. As time has passed, more and more of their concerns have proven to be based in reality and worthy of serious discussion.

This committee will succeed if we can shine a light on our government’s actions over the last three years while using that information to build a robust, effective, and compassionate pandemic response for the future. Most importantly, we need to keep medicine between patients and their doctors and keep politics out of it.

This could be the closest thing that America will have to Nuremberg-like trials. Let us hope that Dr. McCormick and the rest of the House select subcommittee succeed in their goals of giving answers and solutions to the American people.

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