The Government Gives Back What Was Rightfully Yours

The Government Gives Back What Was Rightfully Yours

Mask mandates on airlines have been struck down by a federal judge. 

Many are celebrating. I am not. 

My policy, when it comes to government edicts and declarations, is to not be overly joyous when our leaders decide they’ll return to us what was rightfully, and constitutionally, ours in the first place. Like the right to breathe, for example. 

In other words — when they decide to return what are our most basic rights in the first place, I don’t celebrate. Your policy should be the same. 

Maybe those celebrating this removal of mask mandates forgot what else the government attempted to do in the name of “science” and “public health” during Covid-19. 

They unconstitutionally shut down small businesses and the ability for many to make a living. They locked us in our homes. In some places, they threatened to shut off power and water to those who were having their own private parties. They encouraged citizens to snitch on their neighbors if their unconstitutional and tyrannical edicts were not being followed. 

Neither the First nor the Last Great Paradox

But guess who was allowed to keep their freedom to do business? 

Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and other big corporate entities. Do you know who else? The airlines! They were allowed to stay open. While you and your loved ones were labeled “grandpa killers” for wanting to put food on the table, the airline business was allowed to flourish. 

To justify this contradiction, they cited studies published by Big Pharma hacks which said air quality was top-notch on planes, and that the filtration systems would prevent any spread of Covid-19. 

Strange, because when they finally allowed small businesses and restaurants to re-open, and mask edicts across the country began to fall, the Biden administration decided to keep the federal mask mandate on planes. And they wanted to keep it going into this May, more than two years after the pandemic first broke out, with the continued option for its renewal even further. Due to “The Science” or something. 

Why? Restaurant air filtration systems aren’t as good as those on airplanes, but oh wait, now that’s irrelevant? If it’s all about science and health, then how could there be so glaring a hole in their logic? 

Well, they would assert that “The Science” is tricky. It’s ever-changing. And it’s something that’s much too complex for plebeians like me or you to understand.

If this all sounds like garbage to you, that’s because… well, it’s garbage.

The Real Purpose of Their Covid-19 Policies 

As I’ve repeatedly, and exhaustively, said from the beginning, the response to Covid-19 was pursued and subscribed to for two simple reasons. Number one — to eviscerate and eliminate the middle class. See the concessions and breaks given to corporations during the pandemic versus the burden and tyrannical edicts on middle to lower income brackets. Number two — to rapidly expand government power in every area of our individual and personal lives. 

The point was never “Science.” The edicts were, and always have been, avenues for taking away our constitutional rights. 

And they were successful in achieving their goals. 

How successful, you might ask? Consider airports again. The mask mandates are down. There’s no reason to wear a mask, scientifically or otherwise. But count how many masks you’ll see at airports anyway. Regardless of the facts, people will still be wearing them. Count how many you’ll still see double masking, triple masking, and living in fear of the breath of strangers. 

I’d say the government’s ploy worked. 

For further proof, consider children, who are at little to no risk of dying from Covid-19.

You still see them with masks at school. In airports. In the mall. At the park. In church. Outside with other children. 

Many fell prey to the simple proposition laid out by the government during Covid-19—abandon your rights and we will be sure to keep you clean from disease and ailment. Practice, observe, and worship the new Church of Covid-19, sponsored by the government, and you will be free to visit grandpa. 

Comply your way into everlasting health. Bathe in a torrent of Purell and surrender yourself to an onslaught of vaccinations. If you merely shut down your business and listen to every edict from a public health tyranny, you will at last be clean. 

As Tucker Carlson astutely observed, Fauci is “Jesus for people who don’t believe in God.”

Did the government’s fear-mongering work? I think yes.

Jail for Thee, but Not for Health Bureaucrats or Corporate Thugs

And even though their venture into illegal territory has been labeled so by the courts, they will not stand to pay for their crimes. Like OSHA before them, with its forced vaccination rules, the CDC will suffer no punishment for its breach of the constitution. 

Of course, when regular people break the law, there are consequences. 

When regular people ruin the lives of other people, they are charged. 

When regular people do things that lead to the death of others, whether it be through drug use, suicide, or increased criminality in neighborhoods, all of which are the true legacy of these illegal government policies and lockdowns—when regular people do these things, they are held accountable. 

Not so for those in the CDC, the government, or any other bureaucratic, tyrannical organization.  

Fight for a True Cause to Celebrate

I won’t celebrate until the criminal Big Pharma cartel leaders that run our government are handcuffed and put in federal prison for executing crimes against humanity and for using fake science to destroy human lives and crush human spirit. 

When those criminals, and the criminals in government agencies, are made to suffer in the same way that they’ve made our children suffer, only then will it be time for celebration. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep fighting. Until the thugs responsible are put behind bars, I will not rest. And neither should you. 

The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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