The ‘Trad-Wives’ Get a New Hip Hop Anthem and Women Are Loving It – RedState

The ‘Trad-Wives’ Get a New Hip Hop Anthem and Women Are Loving It – RedState

The new trend sweeping TikTok has feminists fuming but has men everywhere applauding and women becoming interested. The trend is called “trad wife” and while it might be a “trend,” it has all the groundswell to become something more.

And now they have an anthem courtesy of musician Bryson Gray.

The “trad wife” trend features young women living out the same roles their grandmothers and great-grandmothers did long ago; being a housewife. They cook, clean, raise and teach the children, and run the home as the husband leaves daily to be the breadwinner. It’s a dynamic humanity is very familiar with and one that modernity has done its absolute best to destroy.

While it certainly did some very real damage to the traditional lifestyle, many women are finding the trad-wife trend far more fulfilling and less stressful, especially in the post-COVID world where the economy is unstable and education is both expensive and too often dangerous.

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Enter musician and commentator Bryson Gray who uploaded a song called the “Homemaker’s Anthem,” which celebrates these hardworking wives and mothers and their quest to help provide a stable and well-run home.

The hip-hop song points out the difference between a traditional girl and a leftist girl.

Your girl a feminist
My girl traditional
My girl conservative
Your girl a liberal
Your girl got OnlyFans
My Girl ain’t sending nudes
Your girl can’t cook
My girl can do it in the kitchen too
Aye, this one for the homemakers
Aye, dance if you’re a homemaker

You can hear the song in the video below.

The comments on this video are both touching and tragic. It’s filled to the brim with women who are grateful to Gray for making a song that makes them feel seen. One commenter even says the song made her feel emotional.

“Not me screaming these lyrics out loud while mixing my zucchini bread with my baby on my hip& kids all dancing at the kitchen table while studying,” said one commenter.

Some women duetted the video to create their own TikToks.

@jiovanasam #duet with @realbrysongray #brysongray #homemakers #homemaker #traditional #tradlife #tradwife #señoralife #señoraera #traditionalvalues #cozyteatok #homeschool #momsoftiktok ♬ Homemakers – Bryson Gray & Tyson James
@motherhenshomestead Attention all homemakers!! Our new anthem!! 💃🏼 #homemaker #simpleliving #homemakerlifestyle #homeschooling #homeschoolmom ♬ Homemakers – Bryson Gray & Tyson James
@realbrysongray Yes i’m going to keep posting these vids 😂 i love them #brysongray #homemaker #homemakertiktok ♬ Homemakers – Bryson Gray & Tyson James

For too long, many women who chose this lifestyle were belittled and mocked by mainstream feminism. Since feminism is the media’s chosen philosophy on women, the housewife and homemaker became something of an undeserved villain, blamed for encouraging women to take steps backward back into patriarchal bondage.

Even now, the backlash against the “trad-wife” trend has been ugly, with many people claiming that it’s attempting to empower sexism and even white supremacy, though there’s not been any real evidence of this.

The tragedy of this is that the homemaker is arguably one of the most important jobs human civilization has ever had. The family is the bedrock of society and a healthy family begins with a healthy and well-run home. The disappearance of women from the role of homemaker hasn’t been good for society.

Not every woman can embrace that role or actually prefers having a career, and that’s fine as well. There are many situations where being a stay-at-home mom isn’t an option. However, it’s clear that demeaning women who choose to be a homemaker isn’t wise or fair.

According to, there’s a marked decrease and aggression in children, children’s test scores are higher under the tutelage of their mothers, and in an age where activists posing as educators lurk around every corner, the child is far safer from being indoctrinated with radical ideologies behind the parent’s backs.

The homemaker is a solid bedrock from which all of society can grow and its importance can’t be overstated.

Once again, it was C.S. Lewis who put the importance of the stay-at-home mom in perspective as compared to all other jobs, as he calls it the “ultimate career.”

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.”


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