The Washington Post Hilariously Decries a Lack of State-Level Fascism – RedState

The Washington Post Hilariously Decries a Lack of State-Level Fascism – RedState

There are a lot of problems in the United States. There’s raging inflation, eye-watering interest rates, the cratering stock market, the border crisis, and exploding trains, among many other things. In other words, there’s no shortage of failures to decry and push back on, especially when it comes to federal governance.

Yet, in the midst of all that chaos, The Washington Post has pinpointed the real problem that poses an existential threat to you and your loved ones: A lack of fascism.

Incredibly, the second-largest newspaper in the country is really upset that some states have passed measures to stop the bio-medical state from cracking down on your rights.

When the next pandemic sweeps the United States, health officials in Ohio won’t be able to shutter businesses or schools, even if they become epicenters of outbreaks. Nor will they be empowered to force Ohioans who have been exposed to go into quarantine. State officials in North Dakota are barred from directing people to wear masks to slow the spread. Not even the president can force federal agencies toissuevaccine or testing mandates to thwart its march.

Wait, is that supposed to be a bad thing? I got confused there for a moment.

Think about it. Imagine being so addicted to centralized authoritarianism that you’d be mad at “health officials” for not having complete power to violate the Constitution. Of course, these are the same people who flipped their lids at Ron DeSantis for removing gay porn from school libraries. But forced quarantines? That’s just fine with them.

The lunacy continued from there in the article.

Conservative and libertarian forces have defanged much of the nation’s public health system through legislation and litigation as the world staggers into the fourth year of covid.

At least 30 states, nearly all led by Republican legislatures, have passed laws since 2020 that limit public health authority, according to a Washington Post analysis of laws collected by Kaiser Health News and the Associated Press as well as the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple University.

Health officials and governors in more than half the country are now restricted from issuing mask mandates, school closures, and other protective measures or must seek permission from their state legislatures before renewing emergency orders, the analysis showed.

Read that last paragraph and try not to go cross-eyed. It is now March of 2023 (as of this writing). At this point, we know without a shadow of a doubt that mask mandates do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19. We also know that school closures made zero sense and likely exacerbated the pandemic. At the very least they harmed students for no public health benefit in return. And still, the Post is gnashing its teeth over laws that would prevent singular individuals from forcing those provisions down on people.

Heck, they aren’t even happy with state legislatures operating as a check on state-level executive power. It’s absurd, but it’s not surprising. The left is authoritarian at heart, and they always tell you who they are. They can’t hide it. It bursts out of them like the heat from a thousand suns. At the core of leftwing ideology is tyranny. It is the idea that the government always knows best and should have the ability to exact what is “best” without question.

The safeguards the Post is choosing to whine about are absolutely necessary. There can be no crisis that justifies dictatorial power, especially when the authorities have shown themselves to be so partisan and dishonest in the past.

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