Tom Price to Newsmax TV: Biden Is Just ‘Not Aspirational’

Tom Price to Newsmax TV: Biden Is Just ‘Not Aspirational’

President Joe Biden’s stated goal to make every “adult eligible” for the vaccine by May 1 is not quite lofty, since it merely takes a governor to say anyone who wants a vaccine may get one, like Alaska already has, according to former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Newsmax TV.

“This is not a huge hurdle; that’s why I say this wasn’t an aspirational speech,” Price told guest host Sebastian Gorka on Thursday night. “This is not an aspirational plan.”

Price, who was former President Donald Trump’s first HHS secretary, was left uninspired by Biden’s first national address of his presidency.

“I think this speech was really disappointing; I think it was a huge missed opportunity that the president had,” Price told Gorka.

“The plan he put forward over the next couple of months, this was not anything earth shattering.”

Price called Biden’s vows in the address “pretty routine stuff that anybody would do,” including distributing vaccines, using the internet to aid the public, and a call to reopen schools — all activities former President Donald Trump had already got going on, he added.

“I think it was a huge missed opportunity and, frankly sad, his block that he is incapable of recognizing this nation is closely divided and the individuals that were working prior to him coming into office worked tirelessly to make it happen so the American people could be protected,” Price said.

As short as it was on inspiration, or setting big goals, it was equally lacking in instilling confidence for Americans in his administration.

“You really didn’t hear that kind of coherent message for the American people,” Price, a former Georgia representative, said.

“What you didn’t have is something that inspired you to recognize there are folks really in charge now and they’re going to get the job done.”

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