Trump Outlines His ‘Big Plans’ For White House Return

Trump Outlines His ‘Big Plans’ For White House Return

Former President Donald Trump, as the keynote speaker for CPAC Saturday, outlined some of his “big plans” that he’d do as the nation’s 47th president, and said topping the list will be “stopping the slide into costly and never-ending wars. “

“We can’t keep spending hundreds of billions of dollars protecting people that don’t even like us,” said Trump. “We put up the money and then after it’s finished, assuming it’s successful, let’s say it’s successful. They don’t want to even talk to us.”

NATO, he added, is doing well “as I raised $440 billion from countries that weren’t paying anything” by telling NATO states that the United States would not protect them if they got attacked by Russia. 

“NATO wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t get them to pay up, but they paid up $449 billion or something, and that’s the money they use,” he said. “They’re rich as hell right now.”

He also insisted that the oil independence that the United States had under him went away under President Joe Biden, who he said is “leading us into oblivion.”

“I stand here today and I’m the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III very easily,” said Trump. “We didn’t have one soldier killed. In 18 months.”

Trump promised that under his leadership, the border will be sealed and the wall project he started will be expanded. 

“Before Biden came into office, we had illegal immigration at a record low,” said Trump. “Refugees were at the lowest level in history…in my last year, less drugs came through the southern border than had been seen in many, many decades. We weren’t playing games. Now we have complete chaos. Fentanyl is pouring in. Families are being wiped out and destroyed, and there’s death everywhere all caused by incompetence.”

But he said that under his leadership, “we will use all necessary state, local, federal and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history…I will ask every state and federal agency to identify every known or suspected gang member..we will pick them up and we will throw them out of our country and there will be no questions asked.”

He added that he’ll also “send in federal assets” to break up rioting in the nation’s streets and to stop the chaos is happening in the nation’s cities. 

“My administration will come down on these out-of-control monsters,” he said. “Young though they may be we’ll impose tough consequences on juvenile criminals. “

Trump also promised to “end the scourge of homelessness in the nation’s cities.”

“Under our leadership, we will take the homeless, drug-addicted and severely deranged, get them off our streets, and create tent cities where we will get them the help they so desperately need,” said Trump. “I will urge Congress to create a restitution fund for Americans who have been unjustly discriminated against by these Biden policies.”

Trump also promised to fight for parents’ rights when comes to educating their children. 

“We want to school principals to be appointed and elected by parents, and you’ll get some good principals then who love the children,” he said. “We will teach our values and promote our history and our traditions to our children and we will be proud of our country again.”

Trump also said one of his goals is to stop the “sexual mutilation of our children” as a result of permissive gender reassignment surgeries, and “we will keep men out of women’s sports. How ridiculous. That will take place on day one.”

He further promised to “destroy the illegal censorship regime and bring back free speech in America” and to stop Biden’s “demolition of our economy with his crushing inflation.”

Trump also Saturday promised to revoke China’s most favored nation trade status and to hold China financially responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump further said that he’ll call for election reforms, and said all Republicans should immediately seek paper ballots, voter ID laws, and one-day voting. 

“I’d like to get back to building our country and making our country great again,” said Trump. “Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American standard of living, especially for our young people. As I announced yesterday, we will hold a competition to build new freedom cities on the frontier to give countless Americans a new shot at homeownership and the American dream. “


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