Trump: ‘What I Will Be Proved Right About Next? Perhaps the Election’

Trump: ‘What I Will Be Proved Right About Next? Perhaps the Election’

Running down the growing list of long-held claims that are now being backed even by Democrats, the Wuhan lab leak chief among them, former President Donald Trump suggested he will be proven right on the election.

“I wonder what I will be proved right about next – perhaps it will be the election,” Trump told to raucous cheers at his Save America rally Saturday night in Sarasota, Florida, which aired on Newsmax. “The evidence of fraud, irregularities, and illegalities already overwhelming, and frankly, it was long time ago.

“Democrats used COVID to cheat. They illegally changed the rules in the key states and mailed out millions and millions and millions of absentee ballots all over the place.”

Trump added a rejection of the unequal distribution of mail-in ballot dropboxes, disproportionately in Democrat-controlled locales.

“They mailed out ballot applications to every person on the rolls, dead or alive, legal or illegal, right?” Trump continued. They mailed out these applications. They used hundreds of millions of dollars from left-wing billionaires to put unlawful drop boxes all over Democrat-run cities to scoop up ballots in swing states.

“Nobody’s ever seen these drop boxes. They’re called dropboxes. People coming in, nobody knows who the hell voted.

“They came out 96% for sleepy Joe Biden. Right, 96. He got 96% in some of them. I got 4%. “Actually, that’s better than I thought. You know, because at least they didn’t keep 100%.”

Trump called it “the most corrupt election,” pointing to Big Tech censorship as “powerful system” to “facilitate fraud.”

“They abolished signature verification requirements and created a powerful system for media and online censorship of their opponents and did everything possible to facilitate fraud, just like you would do in a third-world country,” he continued.

“That’s what happened with this election. That’s why there are so many people here tonight.”

Trump asked “why didn’t Democrats get legislative approval mandated under the U.S. constitution to change their election laws?”

“They changed without getting legislative approval,” he said, putting to election audits underway in key battleground states. “Information is coming out now in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.”

Trump issued a final warning on the dangers of twisting elections in the balance of one party.

“This country is in big trouble when an election cannot be open, free, fair, and stolen and rigged,” Trump said. “You know what, we got him by surprise in 2016, and they worked for four years to make sure that never happens again.

“And they’re not going to do it with their policies as we discussed, but that’s the way it is.”

Trump concluded with a call for election reform and integrity.

“We have a truly sick election system, and it’s got to be changed,” Trump said. “Remember this: I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy. I am the one trying to save American democracy. It’s true.

“We can’t let them take away our free speech so we can talk about corrupt elections; otherwise, you’ll have, that’s communism. That’s what they do in these communist countries.”

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