Tucker Carlson Releases Fiery Promo for His New Network – RedState

Tucker Carlson Releases Fiery Promo for His New Network – RedState

Tucker Carlson is back, at least in a more official capacity. The ousted Fox News host had appeared sporadically on X with interviews and monologues, but as RedState reported, he’s now starting his own network. 

The Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) will include a variety of content, though who exactly will be involved other than its namesake isn’t known yet, and the first promotional video is out. In it, the political commentator teases the tone and purpose of the network amidst cuts of fiery riots and the COVID-19 vaccine. 

CARLSON: They told the guys torching Wendy’s in 2020 were mostlly peaceful. They said that masks worked. They told you the vax was safe. They tried to convince you that Russia blew up its own pipeline. The corporate media lied too much, and it killed them.

The first mention is of the George Floyd riots that occurred in 2020 throughout many major American cities. Rioters burned buildings (including police stations), looted retailers, and even committed murder in some cases. Throughout that period, the mainstream press narrative remained that what was occurring was “mostly peaceful” because to admit chaos erupted would provide a victory to conservatives who were saying as much. 

Perhaps more insidious is Carlson’s second example, though. That would be the propaganda surrounding COVID-19, specifically the wearing of masks. It didn’t matter that numerous came out after the initial outbreak showing masks were largely useless. It didn’t matter that direct comparisons between mask-manded areas and non-mask-mandated areas showed little to no difference. Wielding control was the point. The sheer scale of the dishonesty during that period (and continuing today) is still hard to fathom, though we all lived it. 

The end of the promo includes clips of some of Carlson’s interviews, hinting at what will certainly be a big part of the new network. It’ll also be interesting to see if other personalities via podcasts and such are hosted to broaden the amount of content provided. Whatever the lay of the land is to be, there’s no question Carlson will succeed. He’s earned a large, loyal fanbase that will ensure it. 


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