Vaccine Resister ‘Patriots’ Failing Test of Good Citizenship

Vaccine Resister ‘Patriots’ Failing Test of Good Citizenship

The COVID epidemic is, in its own way, a test of good citizenship. And it is a test that many ‘patriots’ are failing.


ne of the vexations of American political thinking is single-serving libertarianism, encountered regularly on both the left and the right.

Single-serving libertarianism is what you’re seeing when an abortion-rights advocate argues for “choice” on one issue and one issue only but is all too happy to advocate coercion on related issues, e.g., forcing Americans to fund abortions through tax subsidies or forcing employers to provide abortifacient coverage in their health-insurance packages. Single-serving libertarianism was part of the gay-marriage debate until it wasn’t: What goes on in the bedrooms of private citizens was their business until, by God, it was literally your

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