Vax Critics Tee off After Biden Gets COVID – RedState

Vax Critics Tee off After Biden Gets COVID – RedState

It used to be that if you criticized the COVID vaccine, you would be “canceled”—just ask author Alex Berenson, who was booted off Twitter for telling the truth. (He has since been reinstated after suing the company.)

Now that President Joe Biden has come down with the Wuhan Flu, critics are really teeing off. The authorities initially told us the vaccines would stop transmission of the virus; when that turned out to be patently false they switched their message to, “it will prevent you from getting really sick or going to the hospital.” Even that is now suspect, as we will discuss in a minute.

But first, take a look at this absolutely epic video of the changing message surrounding the jabs:

I remember being at a gathering recently and a longtime friend said she’d had a pretty bad case of COVID. “I didn’t go out for nearly two years,” she explained. “I got vaccinated, and have been boosted twice. Thank God, because it would have been so much worse if I hadn’t!” I had to fake a sneeze because I didn’t want to be rude and laugh in her face. This is success?!

Do you remember the “pandemic of the unvaccinated?” You don’t hear that anymore, because it was never true. Vaccinated people can and do get the ‘rona.  Some scientists are even studying whether or not vaxxed people are at higher risk of getting infected. Meanwhile, as my colleague Bonchie reported, former Trump COVID advisor Dr. Deborah Birx openly admitted that she lied about the vaccines to manipulate people into taking them.

The press has gleefully echoed whatever the official message is from Fauci, the CDC, or Joe; they almost never ask questions. As Tucker Carlson said on his show Thursday, “science is about questions. Science is questioning, so anyone who tells you you’re anti-science for asking a question doesn’t understand what science is.”

His guest was Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the Yale Institute for Global Health, who worried that people won’t trust the government in the future:

I’m worried about the credibility of medicine, about public health, about government institutions, about congresspeople even. Nobody has been forthcoming in talking honestly about any of this.

The following evening, Friday, Tucker brought on author Naomi Wolf, who spoke about colleges requiring students to be vaccinated:

It’s much more serious than they’re [the vaccines] not helpful for kids. The data are in — kids are at vanishingly low risk statistically, non-existent risk for serious harms from COVID, but the data are pouring in that there are harms to young adults, to kids, to babies from the these mRNA injections.

You mentioned the extensive bleeding that young women are reporting. I got deplatformed a year ago for being one of the first to people to report about that side effect. Young men are also suffering from heart damage, pericarditis, myocarditis…

Alex Berenson was even more blunt, writing on his Substack Friday:

The mRNA vaccines have failed.

Provably. Indisputably. The risk estimates released by Centers for Disease Control are politicized garbage, based on hospital and state data that intentionally underestimate the number of vaccinated Americans who have been hospitalized or died.

The mantra from the government has changed over time, as I mentioned. Now they’re leaning on the “vaccine will prevent serious illness” crutch. But even that claim is being questioned, as Berenson writes in another post:

On July 5, the RIVM – a research institute that is part of the Dutch Ministry of Health – reported a basic two-dose Covid vaccination offered no protection against Covid hospitalization. Worse, vaccinated people were 20 percent more likely to need intensive care than the unvaccinated.

“There was hardly any visible protective effect of the COVID-19 basic vaccination series against hospital and ICU – intensive care- intake,” the researchers wrote (understating the case).

Many more critics are asking questions about the vaccines these days, which is a good thing. Even the New York Times ran a piece on July 15 pointing out that the jabs cause bleeding issues in women. The important thing is not whether or not you believe each individual critic, it’s that these questions are being asked at all. For far too long the press and the federal government have buried any negative information about the shots. You can choose to get one or not, but the information should not be hidden from you.

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