VP Harris, UK’s Sunak Back Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

VP Harris, UK’s Sunak Back Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

During her first meeting at No. 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris joined British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in speaking to reporters about Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists, with both agreeing the Jewish state has a right to defend itself.

“We both, I believe, have stated quite clearly on behalf of our countries, that we do believe that it is important that we stand in the sake and in the name of understanding Israel has a right to defend itself,” Harris said in London amid the kickoff of an artificial intelligence summit. “But we also must ensure that there’s no conflation between the Palestinian people and Hamas, and rules of law, in terms of rule of war, should apply, which means that there should not be an — any intentional targeting of civilians and there should be the … requirement that we meet the humanitarian needs of the people in that region.”

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported “Israel hit a refugee camp” in Gaza where “dozens were reported killed and wounded.” But the Jerusalem Post reported Israel’s military said the strike was at a Hamas stronghold where Ibrahim Biari, the commander of Hamas’ Jabaliya battalion and one of the leaders of the Oct. 7 massacre, was killed, along with other Hamas members.

Before Harris’ meeting, protesters were seen outside the prime minister’s residence waving Palestinian flags and shouting “cease-fire,” according to the Daily Mail.

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