Watch Hillary Spell Out What Dems Are Doing To Destroy The Republic

Watch Hillary Spell Out What Dems Are Doing To Destroy The Republic

Authoritarians, Hillary Clinton explained Wednesday, don’t “usually telegraph” what they’re going to do, but when they do, you should “take [them] at [their] word.”

She then proceeded to telegraph exactly what Democrats are doing, and plan to continue doing, to bring about — as she put it — “the end of our country as we know it.”

Of course, in Wednesday’s appearance on “The View,” she accused Donald Trump — whom Clinton has clearly not forgiven for foiling her presidential aspirations — of being responsible for all those things. Trump, Clinton said, “means to throw people in jail who disagree with him, shut down legitimate press outlets, do what he can to literally undermine the rule of law and our country’s values.”

Let’s unpack that accusation.

Throwing dissidents in jail: Trump, after winning the presidency, declined to have his Justice Department prosecute Mrs. Clinton, despite the massive evidence of her illegal activity and the Obama Justice Department’s decision to come down on her classified information scandal with all the righteous indignation of a butterfly.

On the other hand, as “The View’s” Joy Behar admitted, Trump has been “criminally charged with 91 counts,” roughly half of which have been brought by his doddering 2024 opponent’s Justice Department, with the other half brought by state and local prosecutors like New York Attorney General Letitia James, who literally campaigned on bringing Trump down.

A few moments before Clinton fretted about Trump “throw[ing] people in jail,” Behar proclaimed that “we should lock him up now,” to laughter and applause from her co-hosts and the studio audience.

Democrats have dragged Trump into court, gagged his First Amendment speech, made him stand for a mugshot, and sincerely aim to throw him in prison. His followers have likewise been subjected to political prosecutions, with grandmothers jailed for the same kind of behavior that leftist demonstrators routinely partake in with zero sanctions.

Shutting down the press: During Trump’s entire presidency, practically the entire corporate press worked rabidly to malign him. No less prominent outlets than The New York Times and The Washington Post were lauded with Pulitzers for their fallacious “reporting” about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia. Trump routinely gave the media access with twice as many personal press conferences per year on average as his hapless successor. Far being “shut down,” corporate outlets that hated Trump prolifically set a false narrative about him and were rewarded with reach by their allies in Big Tech.

The representatives of the press that have been shut down, however, are nearly all opponents of Democrats. Just this week, the House Weaponization Subcommittee dropped a bombshell report revealing subdivisions of the Department of Homeland Security and State Department pressured Big Tech platforms to throttle “true information, jokes and satire, and political opinions” posted by prominent conservatives including The Federalist’s own Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway. The State Department’s Global Engagement Center funded a nongovernmental group that works “to blacklist and defund conservative news sites” such as The Federalist.

When the New York Post published a report incriminating Joe Biden in an international pay-for-play scheme weeks before the 2020 election, sourced to evidence gathered from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, current and former members of the intelligence agencies helped get the news outlet censored and suspended from Twitter, despite the FBI already having confirmed the laptop’s authenticity.

And we’re all aware of the censorship that targeted (and still targets) anyone questioning or reporting counter-narrative information about the Covid-19 panic, the 2020 election, and a host of other topics that are sensitive to Democrats.

Undermining the rule of law: Contrary to Democrats’ unhinged predictions, Donald Trump did not chain himself to the Resolute desk and refuse to leave the Oval Office, nor has he canceled any elections. He did not lead an armed uprising against the government on Jan. 6, 2021, but instead took to Twitter to plead with his supporters to keep their demonstrations peaceful before promptly having his account locked by leftist censors. To the extent that the rule of law is eroded in this country today, it is largely due to actions like Democrats’ partisan prosecutions of the 2024 front-runner and the bogus Russia-collusion hoax that they championed from 2016 throughout Trump’s entire presidency.

To say Mrs. Clinton bears responsibility for that is as much of an understatement as it is to say she’s unlikeable. In 2016, a law firm representing the Clinton campaign commissioned oppo research firm Fusion GPS, which commissioned Christopher Steele, to write what we now know as the Steele dossier. Steele shopped the made-up lies about Trump — including the “golden showers” smut — to the FBI, which failed to properly vet the dossier’s fake “intel” and promptly used it to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. With a handful of leaks placed to a willing media, the lie that Trump was compromised by the Russians was born. Not only was the Russia-collusion hoax an apparent “insurance policy” to stop Trump from winning the White House, but it was constantly weaponized after he took office to delegitimize his presidency.

Contrary to her absurd claims on “The View” that as soon as Trump won in 2016, she “immediately said, look, we have to give him a chance, we’ve got to support the president we have,” Clinton continued to declare Trump an “illegitimate president.”

(For her part, Behar confirmed Wednesday that she still denies the 2016 election results, telling Clinton, “I continue to believe that you won, I don’t care what they say.”)

The hubris of the 2016 plot was only outdone by the “insurance policy” shaping up for 2024: the attempt to keep Trump out of the White House by putting him in prison. For all their screeching about the “rule of law” and “democracy,” Democrats’ threats of jail time for their top opponent and attempts to disenfranchise his supporters from even seeing his name on their ballots do more to “undermine the rule of law” than any of Trump’s recklessness.

Hillary Clinton says she is concerned about people who “would try to do away with elections, and do away with opposition, and do away with a free press.” Those people, she said on Wednesday, are basically the same as Adolf Hitler. Considering Democrats are the ones rigging elections and prosecuting political opponents and censoring counter-narrative media, Clinton’s own logic suggests the modern Democrat Party has more in common with 1930s Germany besides calling for the annihilation of Jews.

Following a New York Times/Sienna poll that indicated Trump would beat Biden handily were the election held now, Clinton and her fellow panelists were clearly starting to panic during Wednesday’s show.

“I can’t personally believe that this loser has so many people who still think that he could make a decent president,” Behar said. If Trump were elected, Clinton added, “I can’t even think that because I think it would be the end of our country as we know it.”

Everyone knows people get sloppy when they panic. In this case, Clinton gave away Democrats’ entire game.

Elle Purnell is an assistant editor at The Federalist, and received her B.A. in government from Patrick Henry College with a minor in journalism. Follow her work on Twitter @_etreynolds.

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