WATCH: Insane Amount of Edits in Pre-Recorded Joe Biden Video Raises Eyebrows

WATCH: Insane Amount of Edits in Pre-Recorded Joe Biden Video Raises Eyebrows

Though judging by the polling it has been obvious for years to many Americans that President Joe Biden’s age and fitness to lead are cause for concern, the release of the Hur report was sort of an “elephant in the room roars to life” moment for Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign as they seek (in vain) to disprove his critics’ longstanding observations about his memory issues.

A video shared Tuesday to the official “POTUS” account on the Twitter machine won’t help matters.

In the pre-recorded two-minute clip, we see Biden yada yadaing and gesturing about his supposed commitment to America’s allies worldwide, and criticizing former President Donald Trump, his likely GOP general election opponent, regarding his recent statements about Russia, the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and how the remarks were, in Biden’s view, “so dangerous.”


Leaving aside the questionable substance of what Biden said, notice something weird about the video, besides how heavily staged it is?

There were no bouts of confusion. No forgetting what to say. No going off script. Biden kinda sorta sounded… coherent for a change, even if one did disagree with his message.

But there was a reason for it, as was pointed out by Twitter netizens who noted the fact that there were at least 29 cuts to it:

Some folks counted as many as 34 edits in the 120-second video. 

It took that many edits to make Biden look, at least superficially, like a lucid world leader. This is, as media critic Joe Concha observed, not normal:

That’s just crazy, and can’t just be shrugged off (though no doubt they’ll certainly try) by his handlers as something they did simply to shorten it down to two minutes.

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We saw a lot of this in 2020 during Biden’s infamous basement campaign, where he and his team used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to sequester him at his home away from having to interact with people, where Biden’s routine and actions could be more tightly controlled and his video appearances could be more heavily scripted. His handlers often intervened to cut the feeds, to pretend there were technical issues, or to demand interviewers quickly wrap things up when he veered wildly off course.

The video posted to Twitter Tuesday, though it’s not a campaign ad, is likely a preview of what we’re about to get from Joe Biden going forward for the next eight months as he and his staffers (and handler-in-chief Jill Biden) do their level best to shield him from questions from the press and his political opposition about his state of mind and ability to lead heading into the 2024 presidential election.

The problem is, though, it’s going to lead to more questions about Biden’s mental acuity, not lessen them:

Hard to argue with that. After all, the proof is in the video.

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