WH Response on Biden’s COVID Is Now Becoming Unfunny Comedy – RedState

WH Response on Biden’s COVID Is Now Becoming Unfunny Comedy – RedState

Joe Biden pledged transparency when he came in; he’s provided anything but.

On Thursday, the White House announced that Biden had come down with COVID, and they gave out some information. The White House tried to stifle any questions about where Biden might have gotten the virus from, claiming that wasn’t important, even though one has to consider it for things like contact tracing and who he might have been in contact with. On top of that, what was very abnormal was that we weren’t hearing from Joe Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the person who is treating him.

Instead, they trotted out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House coronavirus coordinator, neither of whom is treating Joe Biden. Even the perpetually incurious, liberal White House media found this odd and asked why they were having to play “telephone” to get any information that was being fed through the White House. Why wasn’t the doctor speaking about Biden’s condition?

This is particularly important, given that we were told that Biden was going to be stopping his blood thinner medication, Eliquis, for five days, because he was being given Paxlovid for the COVID. Stopping a blood thinner outright is a concerning move–and it could potentially cause problems–which is why it would be good to hear why O’Connor was recommending that, according to Jha.

But they played that lack of transparency game again on Friday. As we noted earlier, they already had to clean-up after Kamala Harris and her mask theater.

Jean-Pierre said they felt that putting out a written statement was enough, rather than making Biden’s doctor available.

But, what a written statement doesn’t allow you to do is ask questions of the doctor. That’s likely what they’re trying to avoid here. If the doctor is there, you know that someone is going to start asking things about Biden’s competency or plumbing the real issues of his health. They can’t have that.

What we got instead was pap from the comedy team of Jean-Pierre and Jha.

We heard from Jha that Biden ate all his dinner.

If he’s a good boy, did they pat his head and tell him he could get his ice cream, too? Seriously? He’s showing them a clean plate? This is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Imagine what Russia thinks about an announcement like that.

Then they tried to sell us on how hard Biden was working.

Jean-Pierre shared that Biden said he was still working more than eight hours a day.

He was cutting out of work, with early lids and long weekends in Delaware before COVID, so everyone knows what malarkey that is.

Then Jha tried to say he got tired, just looking at Biden’s public schedule.

If so, then Jha doesn’t have a lot of stamina. As we previously reported, in the two days before his trip to Massachusetts earlier this week, he had nothing on his public schedule and the White House couldn’t give any real explanation for that other than to say that “he was in meetings.” Uh-huh. Given that he later came down with COVID, I wonder if he wasn’t feeling well at that point. But because they’re not straight with us, it’s harder to get at the truth.

They’re not telling us anything else until Monday.

If this were Donald Trump, you know the media would be all over it, calling this kind of response out. But with Trump, we got real reports from the doctor who was treating him, not a comedy team performance.


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