Xi Jinping Continues to Play Joe Biden Like a Cheap Fiddle – RedState

Xi Jinping Continues to Play Joe Biden Like a Cheap Fiddle – RedState

It’s been said innumerable times throughout Joe Biden’s 49 years in Washington, D.C. It is being screamed from the rafters by sensible Americans all over this country as we speak. And it will be said for years to come, particularly over the next 24,854 hours, as I write:

Joe Biden is weak. He is indecisive. He lacks fortitude. And he is in over his head.

Rather than face challenges with internal strength or conviction, or, God forbid, the skill and confidence of a true executive, Biden embellishes. He lies. He plagiarizes. He shirks responsibility and blames others for his own missteps and inactions, including recently when he hilariously tried to blame Vladimir Putin for rising gas prices, which began to occur shortly after he killed the Keystone XL pipeline and launched the Democrat war on fossil fuels just hours after his inauguration.

In a word, Joe Biden is the Barnie Fife of American Politics. Minus the kind-hearted, loveable part.

It would be one thing if Biden were simply “all of the above” as a citizen of Scranton, PA, or even a bloviating, back-bencher in the U.S. Senate. But as president of the United States — AKA: Leader of the Free World — “all of the above” are scary as hell.

Senator “Joey from Scranton” riding home on Amtrak from D.C. on the weekends for decades — he continues to tell his oft-repeated lie about an Amtrak employee — and President Joe Biden negotiating with, and standing up to, Russian President Vladimir Putin or Chinese President Xi Jinping are worlds apart. Dangerous worlds with perhaps even more danger to come.The bottom line: As president, Joe Biden’s ineptitude is front and center like never before, and it is dangerous. Not only for America but now, literally, for the world.

(Afghan civilians and Americans who remain trapped behind the lines of the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet were unavailable for comment.)

On the presidential campaign trail in 2019, Biden foolishly declared China was “not competition” for the U.S., prompting blowback from prominent members of both political parties.

China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man. I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.

One month later, also on the campaign trail, Biden said:

We’re in a position where we have the most agile venture capitalists in the world [huh?]. They know — it’s not like they’re bad guys — our workers are three times [more] productive. What are we worried about?

Following Biden’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly in September, Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton observed:

Joe Biden not only says that we’re not in a cold war, and he’ll fight to win it, he literally would not use the name China. He was like a scared child from a ‘Harry Potter’ novel who wouldn’t say Voldemort’s name because he was afraid of what might happen.

Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor to former President Donald Trump, tweeted similar thoughts.

Impossible to overstate the magnitude of this omission. A draft of the UN speech would have been reviewed by senior officials across the WH & government. Either none of them thought Biden should even *mention* China at the UN, or they were overruled. It is truly inconceivable.

Partisan politics on the part of Miller or Cotton? No. Reality — particularly given Biden’s past downplay or dismissal of the ChiCom threat.

And what of COVID-19, Wuhan, and China’s lies?

As Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel observed, following Biden’s UN address, ZERO:

Biden’s actions speak louder than his empty words.

*He’ll focus on climate – but allow Russian pipelines.

*He’ll stand for human rights – but hasn’t in Iran, Afghanistan, China, & Cuba.

*He’ll hold the US accountable on COVID – but not China.

Amen. And then some.

When perhaps the smuggest of White House press secretaries in history was asked why Biden failed to mention China by name in his anemic speech, Jen Psaki responded like she always responds to tough need-to-be-asked questions: with meaningless Democrat textbook jargon:

I think it was indicative of [Biden’s] objective of laying out our proactive agenda of the big issues that we can work together on, including with China.

Oh, please. This guy forgets the names of his own cabinet members. Repeatedly.

During Biden’s critical two-hour phone call on Friday (incisively analyzed by my colleague Dennis Santiago), he warned Xi of “consequences” if Beijing provides “material support” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the White House said.

When pressed for details about what those consequences might be, Psaki rolled out the universal, one-size-fits-all the Team Biden foreign policy toolbox:

Sanctions are certainly one tool in the toolbox.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry account of the call, Xi said, in “response” to the threat of sanctions:

Sweeping and indiscriminate sanctions would only make the people suffer. If further escalated, they could trigger serious crises in global economy and trade, finance, energy, food, and industrial and supply chains, crippling the already languishing world economy and causing irrevocable losses.

“Only make the people suffer.” China doesn’t give a damn about making people suffer. A long history of human rights abuses against its own people. Genocide against the minority Uyghurs. Crushing democracy in Hong Kong. On the contrary, the Communists in Beijing care about one thing and one thing alone: the advancement of its own agenda — within China and around the world. That is paramount. All else be damned that gets in its way.

Ironically, an unnamed senior Biden official briefing reporters on the call spoke more truth than he realized.

The president really wasn’t making specific requests of China. I think our view is that China will make its own decisions.

As I said, above.

Finally, during a virtual summit meeting in November 2021, Xi said of Biden “I’m very happy to see my old friend,” through a translator at the start of the meeting. Biden grinned, returned the pleasantries, some of which required diplomatic nonsense. Then what?

The Biden band played on.


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