Biden Drops New Ad Emphasizing His Age, Trump Response Video Is Pure Gold – RedState

Biden Drops New Ad Emphasizing His Age, Trump Response Video Is Pure Gold – RedState

Joe Biden has folks telling him he should “lean into” his age and try to turn it into an asset. 

That might be a good idea if he wasn’t incoherent a good part of the time; it’s not just age. Plus, having bad policies on top of that is a bad thing to run on. Voters are not fans of people like Joe Biden who take more money out of their pockets. 

The Democrats are trying to spin the State of the Union as a success, as an example of a “vigorous” Joe Biden. But as I noted, the polling actually reveals the problems and how his numbers are the worst in 25 years of the speeches. People aren’t buying it. 

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But here’s Biden’s attempt at an ad. It’s formulaic and nonsense. It has a little part at the end that’s supposed to be funny. 

He understands how to make things worse. The problem of course is he has done nothing but overspend and make all of us spend hundreds of dollars more a month for our basic necessities, while blaming everyone else under the sun for his own failures from the economy to the border. He brags about passing the “biggest law to combat climate change,” which he falsely called the “Inflation Reduction Act.” That’s the kind of guy Biden is. 

Donald Trump didn’t take away “the freedom of women to choose.” The Supreme Court gave women and men the right to finally choose by sending it back to the states to decide the issue, as should have happened to begin with before the Supreme Court invented a “right” that didn’t exist in with Roe v. Wade. What Biden is really doing there is attacking the Supreme Court. 

Trump’s response was pure gold, showing various examples of Biden’s incapacity, in a great, on-point immediate response, taking the first part of Biden’s ad. 

The packaged video by the ad team from Biden vs. the reality from Trump. It’s brutally honest about what we would face if we had this guy in office, and that’s not even taking a deep dive into all the bad policies, just dealing with a small part of the incoherence. 

You can see the carefully put-together Biden at the SOTU, but then every other day, you have the problem of the real, day-to-day Biden. The problem is there’s so much material, they could run all the examples on a loop and it will still take a long time to get through them all. That’s how bad it is with Biden. 


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