Biden Releases Propaganda Video With Obama and Pelosi, but They Get Tripped Up With Some Big Problems – RedState

Biden Releases Propaganda Video With Obama and Pelosi, but They Get Tripped Up With Some Big Problems – RedState

Joe Biden has great trouble speaking and dealing with the teleprompter live. 

It looks like they pulled in more help for him on Saturday when they released a “National Call” that was supposed to be live with Barack Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). But the “live” video looked heavily edited, and they looked completely unnatural. 

The RNC Research folks called them out for splicing the video and then falsely calling it “live” when Joe Biden was actually in Delaware on Saturday. The account said it was recorded yesterday.  This one clip has multiple cuts in it; Biden looks terrible and is slurring again. You can judge for yourself.

They can’t even be truthful about the propaganda that they’re promoting–and it’s incredibly awkward. If this is the best they got, imagine what they clipped away and how bad that must have been. 

They, of course, had what appeared to be staged questions and staged answers, and even with that, there were the cuts and Biden slurring. 

Not only did they put out this schlocky nonsense, Biden also told a bald-faced lie about former President Donald Trump. 

“This is the guy who doesn’t care about science or reason,” Biden claimed. “Remember during the pandemic, Donald Trump told us to inject ourselves with bleach. He said there’s nothing to worry about if you do that.” 

Trump, of course, said no such thing. That’s been long debunked, as we have reported, just like the “fine people” falsehood that Biden has told, but he just keeps telling it. It says a lot about these folks, that they can’t be honest, and they lie about such basic things and try to manipulate us like this. 

If they aren’t able to tell the truth, then you know how deficient and desperate they truly are. 

if you look at the full video, the mouth movements, the sound and the captions are all out of sync. The three people have no shadows in the video. Plus the captions also spell things wrong, including hilariously spelling Obama “O’bama.” 

Here’s the full video, I have it set to start at the point where the three are supposed to be together talking. 

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