Biden’s Brain Breaks Again and He Just Gives Up, but Still Blames Americans for Not Seeing His Brilliance – RedState

Biden’s Brain Breaks Again and He Just Gives Up, but Still Blames Americans for Not Seeing His Brilliance – RedState

One of the most annoying things about a lot of Joe Biden’s speeches or remarks is that they are campaign speeches, trying to make him look better. So he’s using our taxpayer dollars and the time he’s in office to promote himself for 2024. 

Even at the APEC Summit, where he’s supposed to be talking about what he’s done to benefit the country in terms of those relationships with other countries, he mostly repeated a lot of the same falsehoods about “Bidenomics” to promote himself for election. 

Biden keeps claiming that Americans’ real wealth/wages have grown under him, which is just manifestly untrue. 

He doesn’t seem to care about the truth when it comes to facts like that. 

While he spun nonsense about what he achieved, everything costs more, and inflation is crushing people. 

According to him, the problem isn’t him or his Bidenomics; it’s just that the American people don’t get it. He claims there’s a “disconnect” between the economic numbers and how the American people “feel” about it right now. 

How dismissive of the American people can you be? They’re just “feeling” it wrong, he claims, and his team will “deal with…that as well.” Um, no, Joe, the American people know that you have cost them so much more for everything from food to housing. Those are the facts, and that’s what the “numbers” show, despite your effort to spin. Yes, there’s a “disconnect” between his false narrative and the truth. You just don’t appreciate all of Joe’s brilliance when reality obscures it. 

The American people don’t want any more of Bidenomics. Not only that, they want someone whose brain works and isn’t constantly plunged into confusion. We saw his brain break on Tuesday during remarks while he was also heavily slurring. He had another brain malfunction moment during his remarks on Thursday, where he lost to the teleprompter and seemed not even to understand what he was reading. Then he said he wasn’t even going to try to say what it was, rather than mispronounce it. 

That’s what we have now: a leader who not only can’t understand what he reads but is so confused that he just gives up. The scary reality is that this is the guy who has the nuclear codes and wants another four years. Another scary aspect of this video is that people in the audience just laugh at what he says like it’s a big joke that he’s this befuddled. I hope they were laughing at him. Then, at least, there would be hope they realized something was wrong. But this is the embarrassment we have on the world stage now.

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