Fact Check This Raging Lie From Joe Biden – RedState

Fact Check This Raging Lie From Joe Biden – RedState

We’ve seen that Joe Biden has a lot of problems, but chief among them is his “confusion delusion.” He has no idea what he’s talking about and he lies his head off, like when he said, on Thursday, that more than half the women in his administration were women and he welcomed Bill Clinton to the U.S Congress (they were at the White House). Democrats like to talk about Rep. George Santos (R-NY), but Biden has been living in self-deception for decades and is now in a far more powerful position than Santos is. Yet, the Democrats are silent about the dangerous position that Biden’s problems place us in.

On Friday, he demonstrated just how deep that delusion is when he was asked about his responsibility for inflation that has been crushing the American people for about a year and a half.

“Do I take any blame for inflation? No,” Biden declared.

“Why not?” the reporter inquired.

“Because it was already there when I got here, man,” Biden insisted.

Then he refused to answer any other questions, such as on the Chinese spy balloon presently hovering over the United States or his classified document scandal.

Biden’s claim about inflation is demonstrably untrue, inflation was virtually non-existent, at 1.4 percent, when Biden took office. But Biden drove it through the roof and up to 9.1 percent with his profligate spending, making virtually everything more expensive and then also making interest rates higher to bring inflation down, which hurt the American people still more, particularly with things like the ability to buy a home. Under Biden, inflation hit 40-year highs. Yet now, he wants to pretend that he had nothing to do with it? That’s pretty shameful, particularly when he promised the American people that he would always take responsibility and never duck the blame.

Biden has ducked the blame and lied about inflation from the moment it began to spike in 2021. But if it had already been in existence, why did Biden pretend that it didn’t exist, then claim it was transitory, then try to blame Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine? Now we’re supposed to believe it was there when he started, despite all his prior excuses that contradict that? Biden can’t even keep his lies straight anymore.

But we’ve seen it throughout Joe Biden’s life: He simply refuses to take the blame for anything he does wrong. Instead, all he’s done is blame other people. Having someone in the White House who can’t take responsibility is a danger to national security. And if the media was at all honest, they would blow this despicable lie right out of the water. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on that from any of the legacy liberal media.

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