Fact Check: Woodward claims Trump knew COVID-19 Death Rate

Fact Check: Woodward claims Trump knew COVID-19 Death Rate

Bob Woodward’s new book makes several new claims critical of Trump & his administration. Woodward is an infamous journalist & author of hit pieces on presidents, mostly on Republican presidents starting with Nixon. His new book, Rage, is more of the same.

Woodward: claims Trump was told of COVID 19’s severe death rate on January 28th, that it could be spread without contact (airborne), that it is deadlier than the flu.

The Facts: All appearances show that Trump was told of the severity of COVID 19 in meetings on or around the timeline claimed by Woodward. As stated by Woodward, these claims appear True, but once you add the context of reality we see that Woodward has stretched the truth near to his breaking point.

  • Trump was told COVID-19 is airborne on Jan 28, 2020: He most likely was told it was airborne in that meeting but how did these advisors know that COVID-19 was airborne 5 months before all of the scientists concluded that there is finally enough evidence to support the claim that COVID-19 is airborne? Answer: they didn’t, it was pure speculation that coincidentally turned out to be true. Now apply the context of reality to this claim, President Trump was likely told 100’s of speculative claims about COVID-19 from 100’s of sources, isn’t it convenient for Woodward to cherry pick 1 statement out of 100’s that turned out to be true and using his 20/20 hindsight make the claim that Trump should have known that 1 statement to be true and disregarded all of the other 100’s or 1000’s of claims by so called experts.
  • Trump was told COVID-19 is more deadly than the flu: Just as above, that statement is likely true but it doesn’t stand up on it’s own when you apply the context of reality to it or the context of timing. The world was just beginning to learn about this flu originating in China, all of the data we had was primarily originating from China and being disseminated through WHO. In January, February & March the whole world thought WHO was a trustworthy organization, nobody knew that China had bribed WHO to suppress the damaging evidence starting in November & December, possibly as early as October. President Trump was making decisions based off faulty data released by China & WHO that had been minimized for months and possibly more information was completely withheld that we may never know about. We were hearing estimates that COVID-19 had a death rate of between 0.5% up to possibly 30%. Nobody knew what the death rate was, how could these advisors magically know this at a time? Answer: they didn’t, this statement from advisors was pure speculation and Woodward has cherry picked a single statement out of hundreds and attempted to paint it as known fact when we don’t even know the real death rate as of today (It’s estimated around 0.6% on 9/1/2020).

As I watched the COVID-19 pandemic unfold across the world, hearing variable numbers and statistics and theories about the virus I came to realize that there are not any real “experts” on COVID-19, there are many scientists that know a lot more than most of us and have been researching it for the better part of this year, becoming more of experts than they were, but to claim we had experts on the virus in January or February of 2020 is utterly false, there were zero experts at that time.

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