Former British MP Makes Vicious Anti-Israel Attack, Rightly Receives Richter-Scale Fact Check on Hatred – RedState

Former British MP Makes Vicious Anti-Israel Attack, Rightly Receives Richter-Scale Fact Check on Hatred – RedState

Antisemitism isn’t anything new. You’ve got to hand it to the Jewish people; they’ve suffered all manner of hatred over several millennia and they’re still here. The Assyrians are gone, Rome is gone, the Spanish Inquisition is gone, Hitler is gone, but the Jewish people are still with us. They’ve suffered hatred and survived attempted genocide, and they’re still around. I suspect that a millennium or two hence, if there are any humans still on the planet, there will be Jews among them. They’re great survivors.

Now, they have one Chris Williamson, a former British Member of Parliament (PM), piling on to that old European tradition of hating Jews, and it’s pretty certain they’ll survive this a**hole, too. But what’s interesting about Mr. Williamson is how catastrophically wrong he is in all his claims about Israel and the Jewish people. My colleague at sister site, Matt Vespa wrote:

It’s not about Israel—it’s about antisemitism. It’s always been that way at its core, though for years, it’s been shielded as an academic disagreement regarding the founding of the Jewish state. Now, these people are just openly pro-terrorist. Take former British MP Chris Williamson, who said that Israel must be destroyed, ‘dismantled’ like apartheid South Africa or Nazi Germany, adding that it should have never been created in 1948: 

Loathe as I am to run afoul of Godwin’s Law, in this case, I think it really applies: If Adolf Hitler had seen this schmuck (the use of the Yiddish pejorative is, yes, intentional), he would have put him on a postage stamp. It is hard to advocate for Hamas and their atrocities and retain any humanity; Williamson has fallen off of that cliff. It’s hard to understand this kind of hate or the acts it engenders.

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Williamson calls Israel an “apartheid state,” comparing it to apartheid South Africa and — this is the detestable part — Nazi Germany. But if Israel is an apartheid state, they are the worst apartheid state in the history of apartheid states. Israel has many Muslim-Arab citizens – not residents, not subjects, citizens – and they can and do vote, serve in Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, and serve in the armed forces. They are not required to use separate drinking fountains or separate restrooms, to ride in the back of buses, nor are they subject to miscegenation laws. Israeli Arab Muslim citizens and first responders ran to the sound of the guns, with great courage, towards the October 7th massacre, and that is to their endless credit. Some of these Arab Muslim citizens were, in fact, killed by Hamas.

Take a look at the X/Twitter thread that sprang up in reply to Williamson’s entry. It’s an interesting read, overwhelmingly slamming this ex-PM on his idiotic take on Israel and his abysmal lack of knowledge of the history of that region and the Jewish people. And, predictably, there have been reports of his hate to X/Twitter moderators, and calls to have his account canceled. But Williamson’s overt hatred may serve a better purpose by remaining up; not only is it fun to watch him get fact-checked and ratioed into the Kuiper Belt, but it’s instructive to see what kind of detestable people are supporting Hamas.

Williamson is a truly detestable person. But then, it’s impossible to support Hamas and be anything else.

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