Fox News Should Fact Check the Story Biden Just Told About Them As His Brain Malfunctions Again – RedState

Fox News Should Fact Check the Story Biden Just Told About Them As His Brain Malfunctions Again – RedState

As we reported, after his angry and bizarre State of the Union, Joe Biden followed that up with a campaign trip to Philadelphia. 

The SOTU was bad enough for some to speculate about whether he had taken anything. But the come down the next day was pretty bad as well, with Biden’s brain malfunctioning all over the place. 

Check out this concerning confusion. 

This is one of those things that he tries to say about gun manufacturers that isn’t quite true, but here he messes it up so badly he can’t even get the order of what he’s talking about right and he’s missing words. 

“Imagine if tobacco had the same limitations companies that gun manufacturers!” Biden rants. 


He trying to say imagine if gun manufacturers had the same limitations as tobacco companies. That’s how mixed up his brain is at this point. This is of course a nonsensical comparison anyway. If you stab someone with a knife, they don’t sue the knife manufacturer. Plus, gun manufacturers are under constant attack from Democrats. 

Yet these people still clap, despite Biden not making any sense at all. This is a cult, and there are endless examples of this for all the Democrats who think reading a teleprompter and not falling off the stage at the SOTU means you are competent. 

Then Biden threw a hissy fit saying that people were holding up signs at him saying “FU” and that a little kid would be giving him the finger. 

I question that story, but did you ever imagine finding cocaine in the White House? Did you ever imagine the occupant of the White House demonizing millions of Americans as “extremists” and as a threat to democracy because they support his political opponent? Did you ever imagine the occupant of the White House attacking the Supreme Court at the State of the Union? Did you ever imagine lawfare being used against political opponents? We see all these things now and yes, Joe Biden and the Democrats are demeaning who we are.

Biden also told a story that I want Fox’s Peter Doocy to fact-check him on. This is completely unbelievable on multiple levels. 

“I was watching on television last night, about two in the morning, after we got back to the house,” Biden said at a Philadelphia-area campaign rally, his first public address since his annual congressional appearance.

“I had the TV on and there was a Fox News commentator saying, ‘You know, Biden is changing from trickle-down economics to build from the middle out and the bottom up. It is going to ruin America.’ 

“Ruin America? We have the strongest economy in the world right now,” he added.

I’ll take, “Things that never happened for 1000, Alex.” 

First, does anyone believe Joe was up at 2:00 a.m.? He seems he can barely make it past 8 p.m. often. It was late when he finished after the SOTU, but chances he stayed up afterward? I wouldn’t bet on it. 

But more importantly, I’m willing to bet right now that’s a completely made-up story about what the Fox commentator supposedly said. No one uses the term “trickle-down economics” except Democrats falsely trying to attack Republicans. 

And no one says “middle out and bottom up” except Joe Biden. I do believe that they could have said his policies are ruining America, we have the evidence of that right in front of our eyes from the border and foreign policy to the economy that has made just trying to afford groceries a challenging task now for many, and put home ownership out of reach for many people. So much for the “strongest economy in the world” claim. I do believe that Fox could have criticized his use of false terms. I don’t believe that anyone said what he claims they did. 

So I’m paging Fox: have Peter Doocy ask Biden or White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to name who the “Fox commentator” was. I’m willing to bet that will prompt an interesting reaction. And I’d like Fox to weigh in with on this officially, because I don’t believe it, given Biden’s history of making things up.

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