Jennifer Newsom Steps on Rake in ‘Family Values’ Attack on Ron DeSantis – RedState

Jennifer Newsom Steps on Rake in ‘Family Values’ Attack on Ron DeSantis – RedState

We’re nearly two weeks past the big debate that took place between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and clearly, there are still a lot of hurt feelings on the Newsom side as to how things went down.

Newsom, as RedState previously reported, did not have a good night that night, with 2024 GOP presidential candidate DeSantis raining down the inconvenient facts about the state of things in the Golden State versus Sunshine State in such a way that post-debate fawning over Newsom’s smile and body language was about the best his media apologists could do in the aftermath.

As we also reported at the time, Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, was confirmed to be the one who shut down talk of extending the debate after the 90 minutes were up, perhaps with the understanding that “her guy” had suffered enough embarrassment for one night.

In an update to this story, it would appear that Mrs. Newsom – otherwise known as California’s “First Partner,” has not been able to move on from the drubbing her husband received, so much so that she’s taken to the Twitter machine to post a clip from the debate that she thinks portrays Newsom in a flattering light.

In it, Gov. Newsom is seen criticizing Gov. DeSantis for the way Newsom says DeSantis allegedly unfairly attacks his critics. In her tweet, Mrs. Newsom references “family values” and warns that the language used by GOP candidates like DeSantis is not representative of a genuine family values platform type:

Leaving aside the umpteen moral failings (and there are many) of the Gavin Newsom administration from a policy perspective (his attacks on parental rights are a good place to start on that front), from a personal perspective they are even worse, as pointed out by a prominent California critic of Newsom’s, Kevin Dalton, who responded accordingly to Jennifer Newsom’s bizarre attack:

There was also this flashback clip from Republican gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen during a 2018 debate:

Rumors of other affairs with other staffers have also plagued Gavin Newsom in more recent years, but that’s a topic for another post.

Let’s also not forget how Mrs. Newsom, who was then just actress Jennifer Siebel, used interviews and online forums to maliciously attack the married staffer with whom Gavin Newsom admittedly had an affair in 2005, alleging without evidence that the woman, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, was a lush who had a “checkered past” and was desperate for Newsom’s attention and got it a few times when she allegedly showed up at his front door “passed out.”

Gavin Newsom, according to his then-girlfriend Siebel, was the true victim in the sordid saga of the affair.

Relatedly, actress Rose McGowan, who rose to prominence during the #MeToo movement, has even alleged that Jennifer Siebel Newsom acted as a “silencer” for serial sexual abuser/Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein – and McGowan’s receipts were pretty compelling. 

In my opinion, biased though it is, I believe one big area where DeSantis is a cut above the rest is when it comes to family values and parental rights, and he has the personal and professional creds to back it up.

On the flip side, I also don’t think it’s even arguable to point out that when it comes to the family values topic, I’m pretty sure that Gavin and Jennifer Newsom are some of the last people anyone on Earth would want to look to in terms of being credible, authoritative, guiding voices on the issue.

Just sayin’.

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