Man’s Hilarious Reaction to Nikki Haley’s Speech on Illegal Immigration Steals Show – RedState

Man’s Hilarious Reaction to Nikki Haley’s Speech on Illegal Immigration Steals Show – RedState

Ahead of the upcoming primaries, there’s been an increasing media buzz around former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley as her star has risen in some polls and among the megadonors looking to fund who they feel would be a viable alternative to former President Donald Trump, who continues to dominate in primary polling.

The gist of the seeming increase in support for Haley appears to be stemming in part from her debate performances, where she’s displayed hawkish war stances and sparred primarily with entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, the latter of who seems to have made it his personal mission to needle and goad Haley each time they appear together on the debate stage.

But as candidates and their consultants would be quick to tell you, sometimes it’s audience members who unwittingly steal the show, which is exactly what happened during a campaign stop Haley made in New Hampshire earlier this month where the topic of illegal immigration was being discussed.

With New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) in attendance alongside Haley at a Londonderry diner, Haley told the small crowd that the system was “broken” and that it “shouldn’t take ten years” for someone to become a legal citizen. She also suggested in so many words that businesses and corporations should have a major role in deciding who gets to stay and which ones have to go based on jobs/skills needs, which in my opinion is a risky call for any presidential candidate to make, much less one who is vying for the GOP nomination.

But take note of the man sitting on the left with his arms folded. His reactions and stance were priceless and were the embodiment of a lot of voters around this time in the primary campaign season who are either perplexed by what the candidate is saying or just wants them to be quiet so they can go back to eating their meal.


LOL. Gotta love it. He looked like he wanted to say “Cut the crap, lady. Now let me finish my meal in peace please.”

To be fair to Haley, she also said this about illegal immigrants who are already here during that same campaign stop:

“OK, of the six to seven million that have come over since Biden did this — this is going to sound harsh — but you send them back. And the reason you send them back, the reason you send them back is because, my parents, they came here legally. They put in the time, they put in the price. I take care of my parents. They live with us. They’re 87 and 89. There’s not a time I’ve had dinner with my mom when she doesn’t say, ‘Are those people still crossing the border?’ And the reason is, they are offended by what’s happening on the border. And when you allow those six or seven million to come, to all those people who’ve done it the right way, you’re letting them jump the line.”

Are all of these good proposals or bad ones? I’ll leave it to readers to discuss.

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