Rep. Donalds to Newsmax TV: WaPo Hit Piece on Sen. Scott Made Me Throw Up

Rep. Donalds to Newsmax TV: WaPo Hit Piece on Sen. Scott Made Me Throw Up

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., says The Washington Post’s “fact check” on whether Sen. Tim Scott truly went from “cotton to Congress” was insulting and made him throw “up in my mouth.”

The Post on Friday published an article questioning Scott’s family history of going from a childhood picking cotton to the halls of Congress after Scott was chosen to deliver the Republican Party’s response to President Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress.

“I would never see them actually going to any Democrats background like this that was given this response or, frankly, any Democrat on the national scene, they simply don’t do it,” Donalds said Monday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.”

“But when you’re a Republican, especially when you’re a black Republican, the media loves to do all these little nit-pick stories to make you seem less than to make you seem like you don’t really own up or you don’t measure up. I call it bigoted. I call it disgusting,” he added.

“They did it to a Black man, but number two, they did it to a Republican, and he did it for the same reasons they always do. Because they do not like the fact that there are Black Republicans who are prominent, who speak out and so they have to diminish us so that we don’t somehow measure up with respect to our blackness, or we don’t measure up to being able to stand on the national stage. I found it to be upsetting, nasty, but this is typical from the hit media on the left.”

Many Republicans slammed the Post’s piece, written by Glenn Kessler, which examined the “origin stories” of comments Scott has made over the years about being a descendant of slaves. Scott previously said his grandfather dropped out of elementary school to pick cotton.

“The tale of his grandfather fits in with a narrative of Scott moving up from humble circumstances to reach a position of political power in the U.S. Senate,” Kessler wrote. “But Scott separately has acknowledged that his great-great-grandfather, Lawrence Ware, once owned 900 acres in South Carolina.”

“Our research reveals a more complex story than what Scott tells audiences. Scott’s grandfather’s father was also a substantial landowner — and Scott’s grandfather, Artis Ware, worked on that farm,” Kessler wrote. “Scott’s family history in South Carolina offers a fascinating window into a little-known aspect of history in the racist South following the Civil War and in the immediate aftermath of slavery — that some enterprising Black families purchased property as a way to avoid sharecropping and achieve a measure of independence from White-dominated society.”

The Post has yet to look into Vice President Kamala Harris touting her parents’ involvement in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, notes Fox News.

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