Sen. Tom Cotton to Newsmax TV: MLB Placating Liberal ‘Mob’

Sen. Tom Cotton to Newsmax TV: MLB Placating Liberal ‘Mob’

Over the weekend, Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star game from the city of Atlanta, in another cancel culture round of backlash to the recent Republican sponsored passage of voter reform in the state.

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told Monday’s edition of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax TV that, “It’s very disappointing to see Major League Baseball cave to the liberal mob and pull the All-Star game out of Atlanta, he said. “They didn’t cite any particular objections to this law,” as a reason for the withdrawal, he added.

The withdrawal of the All-Star game from Atlanta, he said, was merely “designed to placate the liberal mob that was coming after Major League Baseball.”

During the interview he called out Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred’s hypocrisy regarding the Georgia Voting law: 

“Guess who’s a member at the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club, Rob Manfred. And until he resigns his membership and urges Augusta to replace him with a woman or minority, I’ll suspect that Rob Manfred is not really that sincere about this pose, (supporting the MLB’s pulling of the All-Star game from Atlanta) it’s nothing but a pose to placate the liberal mob that was coming after Major League Baseball, he said.

Contrary to the negative narrative being pushed by business and the liberal media, the new election law does not make the polls less accessible. “This is nothing but lies and exaggerations about the Georgia election law, which is designed to streamline Georgia elections,” he said.

“It makes them more efficient, makes them safe and secure while also convenient and accessible for Georgia voters,” Cotton added, saying all Georgia did was standardize business hours to say it’s nine to five, but counties can go from 7:00 to 7:00 if they want” for voting purposes.

Sen. Cotton pointed out that even Biden and his staff are perpetuating a false narrative concerning the new election law. “It shows a severe lack of integrity that Joe Biden not only misrepresented this law but continues to misrepresent it and directs his aides and advisors to misrepresent it on television,” he said.

The liberal media continues to cover for Biden and there is relatively no reporting on this issue. “Could you imagine the meltdown you would be having at the New York Times and CNN” if former President Trump was making such false statements, he questioned. “The mainstream media just let it all go by unnoticed except for a single fact check in the Washington Post, he concluded.

When Kelly asked if the current posturing was related to an attempt to curry favor with Biden and Democrats, Cotton responded, “Well, if they are, I can tell you they’re going to fail because when you cave into these liberal mobs, it’s never enough for them. They always come back, and they demand even more.”

It’s not just baseball that’s caving to the liberal ‘woke’ agenda.  Major top tier companies like Delta and Coca Cola are taking a bow as well.  However, if those companies want Republican help to block tax increases, and the like, “well, I got news for them, he said, if they want Joe Biden’s election law, they may very well get Joe Biden’s tax laws as well.”


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