Ted Cruz Rips ‘Fact Checkers’ Apart Over Insane Spin on His Claims About Biden Team’s Israel Stance – RedState

Ted Cruz Rips ‘Fact Checkers’ Apart Over Insane Spin on His Claims About Biden Team’s Israel Stance – RedState

Fact check organizations, like their media allies, have established themselves over the years as little more than mouthpieces/apologists for members of the Democratic Party, as RedState has documented many times. 

The latest example of this comes from FactCheck.org, which “fact-checked” recent claims from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) regarding the Biden administration’s stance toward Israel, specifically as it relates to calls for a ceasefire with the terrorist group Hamas.

Cruz has asserted that since day one, members of Biden’s administration have been “undermining Israel” by, in effect, calling for a ceasefire or otherwise trying to get Israel to pull back in other ways.  To support his position, he referenced a couple of since-deleted tweets that backed up his position.

Strangely, though FactCheck.org claimed in their piece that Cruz was “distorting” the Biden administration’s position, they pointed to… the deleted tweets that proved Cruz’s point:

The senator’s office referred us to an Oct. 7 post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, by the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs that urged “all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks.” The State Department told the Washington Free Beacon that it removed the post the same day because it “was not approved and does not represent U.S. policy.”


In a Nov. 12 interview, the Texas Republican said “the White House and the State Department have been undermining Israel” since Oct. 7.

“At every stage, the White House and the State Department have been undermining Israel,” Cruz said. “They have been urging Israel — literally from within minutes of when this horrific attack began on Oct. 7, the Biden White House has been telling Israel, do not retaliate, cease-fire, stop, do not kill the terrorists.”

As we said earlier, the senator’s office referred us to the Oct. 7 deleted post by the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs. We also found that Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s X account posted a tweet on Oct. 8 — the day of Blinken’s phone call with the Turkish foreign minister. In that post, which was also deleted, Blinken said he “encouraged Türkiye’s advocacy for a cease-fire and the release of all hostages held by Hamas immediately.”

And yet according to FactCheck.org, because so-called “experts” disagreed with Cruz’s interpretation, they characterized his claims as “distorted,” stating there was “little support” for his assertion:

Understandably, Cruz was not having any of it, and fired back on the Twitter machine with a detailed rebuttal:

This fact check admits I was right that Biden immediately called on Israel not to retaliate against Hamas, because they have to, because it’s true. But, so they can defend Biden, they quote “experts” anyway saying he’s been 100% supportive of Israel. 

Even that is a lie. In reality, the Biden administration immediately called on Israel not to retaliate on Oct 7, deleted the tweet, supported a ceasefire again the next day, then deleted that tweet too. They have been constantly pushing for humanitarian ceasefires that allow Hamas to regroup after Oct 7, and they reportedly told the Israelis not to preemptively defend themselves against Hezbollah. Diplomatically, they tied Biden’s Presidential visit to breaking Israel’s siege of Gaza. They appeased Iran by not forcefully retaliating to attacks, allowing the international arms embargo to expire after Oct 7 as Iran was resupplying its terrorist armies with missiles, and by providing the Ayatollah with a new $10 billion line in Euros to fund those terrorists. They’ve had US military personnel on the ground blame Israel for West Bank violence to Congress.

All while coordinating with Qatar to insulate Hamas.

But Washington DC experts say that Biden has been 100% supportive of Israel. These are the people who have been in charge of Middle East diplomacy for decades – which also explains how we got to a place where Iranian terrorists were able to launch the worst one day mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust.

He’s not wrong on this.

Cruz 1, FactCheck.org 0 by my count.

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