The Associated Press Tried to Hide Its Largest Climate Change Donor – RedState

The Associated Press Tried to Hide Its Largest Climate Change Donor – RedState

There are plenty of reasons to criticize the mainstream, legacy media outlets that have an obvious leftward bent to them, but one of the most troubling revelations in recent months is the discovery that several leftwing groups – particularly those focusing on climate change – have been making large “donations” to outlets like the Associated Press.

The AP maintains that these donors don’t have influence over their editorial process, but that hasn’t been enough to keep folks from worrying that the coverage of climate and climate issues isn’t being swayed.

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One year ago, Fox News revealed that the AP and others had taken millions from these leftwing organizations.

The “Climate Fact Check 2022” report, presented by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), stated that “climate alarmists” and members of the media engaged in claims about the relationship between manmade emissions and natural disasters, claims that clashed with “reality and science.”

In February, the Associated Press admitted that they would assign more than 24 journalists across the globe to cover “climate issues” after receiving more than $8 million over three years from various organizations.

In a new report, though, the AP has apparently been trying to minimize the visibility of some of its donors, including a $300,000 donation from a leftwing European group whose goals include phasing out fossil fuels entirely. The Washington Free Beacon recently broke this aspect of the story.

The Associated Press’s latest foreign donor wants to transform journalists into “community activists on climate change.” The AP doesn’t seem interested in publicizing that.

The KR Foundation, a Danish nonprofit that seeks the “rapid phase-out of fossil fuels,” gave the equivalent of $300,000, to the Associated Press in December 2022, according to the charity’s annual report. Though the AP says it is committed to the “highest practicable degree of transparency” regarding its backers, the news outlet added the KR Foundation to its list of current philanthropic supporters only this month, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of the AP website.

It’s the latest left-wing charity to fund the Associated Press, which says it is read by four billion people each day. Philanthropies that support packing the Supreme Court, defunding the police, and other left-wing initiatives have contributed millions of dollars to the AP in recent years, the Free Beacon reported.

The KR Foundation is not an organization that focuses on straight news and true journalism. Instead, it is a foundation hellbent on buying and weaponizing journalism outlets for their crusade against fossil fuels – and between the money being handed out and the already liberal lean of the AP’s reporting staff.

The KR Foundation sees media outlets as prime targets to push its climate agenda. It funds media outlets to “significantly” influence “the media narrative around climate policy.” Its grant to the Associated Press, which extends through December 2024, is to be used for the wire service’s Global Scholars Network.

While the AP says it maintains editorial independence from its deep-pocketed donors, its climate reporting reflects many of the KR Foundation’s core beliefs. A recent AP story about the United Nations’ annual climate conference praised negotiators who sought a “phase-out of fossil fuels” in order to save “a planet in peril” that is “dangerously warming.” An article last month asked: “How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate?”

What’s sad is that, truthfully, the Associated Press (and most other outlets) don’t need rich donors to engage in agenda-driven journalism that the left wants to see more of, but the money sure as hell doesn’t hurt. It really just gives them more resources to engage in that agenda-driven journalism they’re already engaging in. $300,000 means more reporters, more expenses covered, and more time to convince Americans that we are all just minutes away from a toxic death because of fossil fuels.

As the Free Beacon noted, the website AllSides recently changed the AP’s designation from “Center” to “Leans Left” because of its coverage.

“Types of media bias AllSides has most often detected in AP U.S. political news coverage includes analysis presented as fact, subjective qualifying adjectives, word choice bias, bias by omission of views and omission of source attribution,” the site explained. “AllSides primarily assesses content that appears on for bias, though we have sometimes assessed its wire content for bias as well.”

We’ve entered a world where objective journalism is not really possible, and activism is becoming the norm in newsrooms. This is creating a crisis of trust in the news media, and it’s what allows for misinformation and all the other evils the media complains about to happen in the first place.

But the cult of climate change is one of the worst cults the news media has joined. There is straight-up ignoring of facts in favor of pushing the agenda that we need to get rid of fossil fuels, adopt green energy, and more. They have no problem trying to destroy the lives of people who disagree with them, either, all in the name of Mother Earth. It is nothing short of a cult, and it’s growing like a weed in several of our institutions.

It’s found an environment where it can thrive, however, in journalism. With plenty of money to be thrown around to advance its agenda, the cult of climate change seeks to destroy and semblance of objective reporting in order to advocate its agenda.

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