The Two Faces of Tim Ryan Strike yet Again – RedState

The Two Faces of Tim Ryan Strike yet Again – RedState

Stories about the duplicitous nature of Tim Ryan are becoming a lot like dog bites man pieces. But because he’s the Ohio Democratic Senate nominee and his race could very well decide which party controls the U.S. Senate, it’s critically important to know that Ryan is not who he portrays himself to be to voters.

When last we left you with Rep. Ryan, he was touting his alleged party “independence” in a new ad by noting he voted “with Trump on trade,” as if that was supposed to be proof of his willingness to work across the aisle. As we noted in our report, Ryan voted “with Trump” … along with most other members of Congress (385 to 41) on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement at the time, which is hardly a shining example of his self-proclaimed ability to go against his own party or whatever.

In addition to painting himself as his own man and not beholden to either major political party (fact check: false), Ryan’s entire general election campaign message has also revolved around suggesting that his Republican opponent J.D. Vance is out of touch with average Ohio voters, is not a “real” Ohioan, is nothing more than a Trump stooge (the latter of which is rather interesting, considering his latest ad), and is too extreme for Ohio.

But where the rubber has met the road, Ryan has shown himself to be everything he accuses Vance of being: an out-of-touch elitist, not authentic enough to pass the “real Ohioan” test (by his own standards), and too extreme for Ohio – particularly on issues like abortion, the gender identity politics debate, and dealing with “MAGA Republicans.”

The latest example of the two faces of Tim Ryan striking again comes courtesy of The Wrap, which reported Wednesday that Ryan – who attacked Vance that same day on grounds that “you’re not usually in Ohio,” traveled to Hollywood for a swanky fundraiser, and the hosted a “morning gathering” which included Hollywood celebrities:

Determined to keep the Democratic congressional majority in the November midterms, a group of “Hollywood-esque type people who care about politics” is throwing its support behind the U.S. Senate campaign of Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Ryan, who is running against Donald Trump acolyte JD Vance for an open U.S. Senate seat, is expected to raise well over $100,000 at super agent Jay Sures’ Westside house on Wednesday night.


On Thursday, Ryan will headline a morning gathering co-hosted by actor Brian Tyler Cohen, comedian Howie Mandel and his wife Susan, “Seal Team” producer Sarah Timberman, “21 Jump Street” producer David Levinson and his wife Ellie Herman, a TV writer/producer who worked on “Jericho,” “Desperate Housewives” and “The $treet.”

Hmm. Double standards, anyone?

What perhaps makes it worse is how Ryan got out of casting votes in Congress prior to his out-of-state trip:

Tim Ryan – man of the people? Don’t make me laugh. Come on, Ohio, do your thing and show this fraud the door in November. Not just for Ohio, but for America, too.

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