Ben Cardin Weighs in on ‘Sex in the Senate’ Scandal and His Former Staffer, but There Are Big Questions – RedState

Ben Cardin Weighs in on ‘Sex in the Senate’ Scandal and His Former Staffer, but There Are Big Questions – RedState

We’ve been reporting on the story of the video of the sex in the Senate hearing room in the Hart Office Building, a hearing room that had seen impeachment hearings and Supreme Court nomination hearings. 

A staffer from Democrat Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin’s office then released a statement on the incident saying he was being attacked for “who he loved” but then claiming that he would never do anything to disrespect the office. 

Staffer Named in ‘Sex in Senate Room’ Story Responds, Senator’s Office Also Weighs In

Sen. Ben Cardin’s office then fired the staffer but said they wouldn’t talk further. 

Now, reporters have spoken to Cardin and he’s weighed in on the matter a little. 

Here’s what CNN’s Manu Raju said: 

Ben Cardin tells us that he is “terribly angered” about staffer who apparently filmed a sex tape in Hart 216. Says his office is cooperating with Capitol Police. Wouldn’t characterize what the aide was like/their relationship. Doesn’t know if charges are coming

The Capitol Police had said they were looking into the matter, and George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley analyzed what possible charges there could be as a result of the act. 

Police Investigating ‘Senate Sex’ Story, Turley Analyzes Possible Charges and How It Puts Dems in a Bind

Here’s the video of what Cardin said. 

“These are personnel issues that I won’t talk about publicly,” Cardin said. 

Reporters asked how the staffer got into the Senate room, had his office booked the room? 

“I don’t know the details,” Cardin replied. 

When asked what he knew, Cardin said his knowledge of this was when he was made aware over the weekend. “When I learned about it, I made sure he was separated,” he replied. “So he left the Senate employment and the appropriate steps were taken from the point of view of our office.” 

Reporters asked if he had exhibited any unusual behavior, and Cardin responded that he would not be the “right person to ask.” Then who would? You’re the boss. 

“I would have to ask — these are personnel issues, and I would not be the right person, uh — I’m just not going to get into personnel issues,” he said. 

Cardin said he would “absolutely” cooperate with the Capitol Police as they looked into the incident, although he said they hadn’t contacted him as of yet and he would have to check [with his office to see if they had been contacted]. 

He said he wasn’t going to comment on the video, adding that it’s something that’s going to be investigated and he wasn’t going to get into the specifics. 

But there have been reports, including from our sister site at Townhall citing journalist Matthew Keys, that people in Cardin’s office might have known there was an issue based on things the staffer tweeted on his social media and that he was allegedly told to “tone down” his posts during a promotion last month.

So that raises questions about who knew what when, and whether problems should have been addressed before. Cardin is leaving office at the end of this term and he probably wishes he’d left a little earlier, at this point.

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