Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Strategy, Diplomacy Needed Amid Ukrainian Conflict

Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Strategy, Diplomacy Needed Amid Ukrainian Conflict

Retired Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt emphasized the critical need for a new strategy in the ongoing war in Ukraine during an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday.

“When you have no strategy, then you have no plan, and you are not looking at some of the physical realities of warfare. It’s not about the Ukrainian soldier — the Ukrainian soldier is brave and full of gallantry — it’s the logistics,” Holt stated on “American Agenda.”

Highlighting the logistical challenges, Holt referenced CNN’s acknowledgment that while the Russians can produce 250,000 shells a month, the combined efforts of the West fall significantly short.

“The Russians can produce 250,000 shells a month, and the West combined can’t even do a third of that. The numbers simply are not there, so you’ve got to come up with a new strategy,” he said.

“My suggestion is diplomacy. Let’s find an off-ramp to get this thing wound down. We have no choice,” he emphasized.

Regarding the possibility of American boots on the ground in Ukraine, Holt referred to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s statement that it would not happen. However, he noted Ukraine’s plea for NATO troop support, cautioning against the implications.

“This is getting to be dangerous, slippery slope-type rhetoric,” Holt remarked, recalling previous assurances about limited military support.

“If Ukraine were to invite NATO troops or a coalition of the willing per se, like [French President Emmanuel] Macron is pushing for, into Ukraine, let me tell you something. That is a dumb idea,” he said.

He highlighted the complexities surrounding NATO involvement, stating, “Even if it were legal, you still have the Russian Federation threatening that any NATO force inside of Ukraine is going to be a legitimate combat target under the law of armed conflict.”

Holt vehemently opposed the idea of NATO troops entering Ukraine, asserting, “If you took NATO forces and said, ‘Oh, well, they’re just going to do combat support duty or hold the guard up on the Belarusian line.’ No way you step into Ukraine, you’re a combatant.”


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