BREAKING. Iranian Defense Facilities Under Drone Attack – RedState

BREAKING. Iranian Defense Facilities Under Drone Attack – RedState

Multiple blasts were reported in Iran Saturday night, as drones of an unknown origin carried out attacks on critical Iranian defense production facilities. At the time of this writing, there are no confirmed details on the number of attacks and the targets other than the major ammunition plant at Isfahan. Isfahan is Iran’s third largest city and located about 270 miles south of Tehran.

The below map shows the unofficial tally of strikes.

Tehran’s Mehrabad airport is closed, and some are reporting military aircraft over Tehran. Presumably these are Iranian, but who knows.

Iran has been in the grip of “mostly peaceful” demonstrations for several months (see the story at Iran’s World Cup Team Refuses to Sing Their National Anthem as Deadly Riots and Repressions Sweep the Country). The confusion caused by the drone strikes has triggered unrest again.

A couple of other points. On Friday, the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran was attacked.

The Azerbaijan government reacted by evacuating their entire embassy.

Two of the attacks were very close to the Azerbaijan border.

Wednesday, Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, urged NATO to take a more confrontational stance against Iran. On the same day, former commander of the Israeli Navy, Admiral Eliezer Marum made this statement in an interview on Israel’s i24NEWS television program.

“In my understanding, I think Israel has to attack, because the situation right now is that Iran is a threshold country – 100 percent,” he said.

“When does Israel need to attack? Currently? Or to wait for something to happen?” anchor Yoav Limor asked. “Because Iran stops from going to the 90 percent of enrichment in order to prevent other countries from attacking.”

“We know parts of the intelligence in Iran… they have disconnected the cameras and they are still enriching uranium in a very high percentage and besides that, we don’t have a clear understanding of what is going on with their weaponry group,” Marum said. “And when those two will be close one to the other, the moment to jump from threshold to holding nuclear weapons will be very, very short… and therefore I think the time to attack… the clock is ticking and we will have to do it sooner rather than later, sooner it means in the upcoming year.”

“We have to stop this program sooner is sooner is better than later,” he added.

As this is a breaking story, RedState will provide further updates as they become available.

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