Chad Wheeler Domestic Violence Case Must Be Seen as ‘Hate Crime’

Chad Wheeler Domestic Violence Case Must Be Seen as ‘Hate Crime’

Over the weekend, Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was arrested and accused of beating his girlfriend. Now, Atlantic writer Jemele Hill is saying that the alleged attack must be viewed in the “context of a hate crime.”

Wheeler was arrested on Saturday and charged with domestic abuse for beating his girlfriend, who is a black woman. The mere fact that his girlfriend is black, though, seems to have driven former ESPN talker Jemele Hill to the conclusion that the alleged incident should be viewed as a hate crime.

Hill took to Twitter, saying, “I am not going to repost the pictures of Chad Wheeler’s victim, but if this horrible situation isn’t seen in the context of hate crime, journalists are being irresponsible. I’m also wondering why this isn’t considered attempted murder.”

She followed that up adding, “My prayer is that this deserved and necessary outrage for Chad Wheeler is here all of the time for black women who have been abused.”

It makes little sense to focus on race when the football player’s relationship was interracial and there’s no indication that the motive for the attack was racial. Domestic violence is bad enough without pointlessly confusing the issue with “hate crimes” accusations.

Graphic photos of the extent of the young woman’s injuries were made public on Wednesday, sparking the Seahawks to waive Wheeler from the team.

For his part, Wheeler posted a group of tweets apologizing for his actions. He blamed the attack on a “manic episode” and promised to get help.

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