Dan Goldman Treats Mom at Hearing Disgracefully, but She Nails Him and Mayorkas With Reality – RedState

Dan Goldman Treats Mom at Hearing Disgracefully, but She Nails Him and Mayorkas With Reality – RedState

The House Homeland Security Committee held an impeachment hearing on Thursday against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. But as we reported, Mayorkas was so insulting, he couldn’t even be bothered to show up for the hearing. 

Witnesses — including mothers who had lost children to fentanyl and illegal aliens — showed up at the hearing, but Mayorkas wasn’t in attendance to hear from the people who were suffering from his failure to secure the border. 

One of those moms, Josephine Dunn, came on her daughter’s birthday so she could talk about her concern about the border being open and allowing a lot of the fentanyl into the country.  But he didn’t have the decency to face her. My colleague wrote about Dunn earlier. 

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But she had more to say:

I flew from Arizona to meet him and face him and ask him, ‘Why?’ And he’s not here today. I did not know that until after I landed.

Today is my daughter’s birthday, I would have much rather been home with my poor husband, grieving her. I didn’t need to be here today. So whatever he’s doing, I hope it’s more important than that.

That’s incredibly sad. She and her fellow attendees were there to try and stop this from happening to others, but this is how they were treated. This was a witness that should have been shown respect. 

But then Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) made things even worse with the disgraceful way he acted toward her. This is an example of how NOT to treat a witness, particularly one who has suffered so much in part because of such bad Democratic policies. But Dunn was on to him and nailed him good. 

First, he told her that she was being “used,” as though she didn’t have the intelligence to make up her own mind to be there. Then he said that she didn’t have the “experience,” she wouldn’t “understand” what a high crime and misdemeanor was (for purposes of impeachment).  

Goldman tries to ask her a trick question. He asks if she would agree that it would help if they had more law enforcement people at the border. They want more people, but they don’t want them to secure the border, they want them to act like processing agents for the illegal aliens. But Dunn knew what he was trying to do and was too smart for that, and she said she didn’t agree because the CBP was now being used to “make sandwiches” for illegal aliens and screen them to be let into the country. More people processing only speeds up more illegal aliens coming in. Now that was a brilliant answer to the despicable Goldman, who was left sputtering. 

Dunn said she wanted the CBP to do the job they were hired to do. She explained that every CBP officer she had spoken to had said, “Their hands are tied by this administration and Mr. Mayorkas.”  She asked Goldman if he had been to the border. He snottily responded, “I’m asking the questions.”  He called the hearing with all the moms and people coming from all across the country to express their concerns a “political stunt.” That’s what he thinks of the issues that the American people care about. 

What a shameful performance this was from Goldman, to treat a mother this way. He’s so concentrated on attacking Republicans, he didn’t give a whit about what he did to her in the process, just like Mayorkas didn’t have the courage to show up. 

Fortunately, the House Republicans on the Committee all sent a solid message to Mayorkas and voted to impeach him for his dereliction of duty. 

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