Elon Musk Calls Out Evil Anti-American Action Against the Flag by Anti-Israel Protesters – RedState

Elon Musk Calls Out Evil Anti-American Action Against the Flag by Anti-Israel Protesters – RedState

I wrote earlier about the wild, anti-Israel protest in New York City on Friday, that at times turned into a riot.

Among other things, they fought with the police, they tried to kick in the doors of Grand Central Terminal, blocking the regular people from being able to go home on the train. They even attacked a bus with UFC champion Jamahal Hill in it. That sure looked like terrorism to me. 

But they also did something else that was disgraceful and evil, particularly on Veterans Day eve. The mob was at Lexington and 43rd, within blocks of the UN, where they had American and UN flags on a pole. One of the radical rioters climbed the pole and started ripping the American flags down. He threw at least two flags to the ground, and replaced them with Palestinian flags, as the mob cheered below him. You could also hear the chant of “Takbir!!” which is the call for “Allahu Akbar.” In this context, one might interpret that as a call for victory over the U.S. 

It went viral, with almost 3 million views. X owner Elon Musk called it out. 

Well, the night before, but yes, still incredible. This is what these folks are doing; rather than honoring the people who died for the flag, they are desecrating it — and the memory of those people. 

They don’t just want to do away with Jews and Israel; they want to do away with America too. Notice the radical didn’t pull down the UN flags. 

But it does look like, at least, this guy was arrested. Many commented on those cops seemingly just milling around and doing nothing, just letting this go on, That’s because they were assembling to arrest the guy, and they were assembling forces to grab him and get him out of there through the mob. Whenever you try to arrest a leftist protester like that, their fellow activists try to grab him back from the cops. So to be able to arrest anyone, you have to do it with great numbers to be able to hold onto the prisoner. 

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

It remains to be seen what, if anything, he is charged with and if he suffers any consequences at all. But this is what the left is aiding. 


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