Even Prison Won’t Stop Criminals From Breaking NY Gun Control Laws – Bearing Arms

Even Prison Won’t Stop Criminals From Breaking NY Gun Control Laws – Bearing Arms

We know what gun control advocates think of gun control, or at least what they say they think. They claim it works, that if we enact gun control then criminals won’t have guns. It’s an insane idea based on wishes and unicorn farts, but it’s the position they hold.

If that’s true, New York should be an incredibly safe state. It’s not particularly, especially in New York City itself.

Then again, if that’s true, then people in prison absolutely shouldn’t be able to violate gun control laws. I mean, where are you going to find a more gun-free zone than a prison?

And yet, one inmate managed to find a way.

In what was a stunning gun bust, the Manhattan district attorney said a neo-Nazi prisoner allegedly sold ghost guns and parts from behind bars — only getting caught after one of his customers was an undercover NYPD officer.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said the white supremacist went online and sold ghost gun parts, unknowingly to the undercover officer, all while he was locked up in a federal prison a thousand miles away in Louisiana.

“We see this sad and tragic combination far too often. The intersection of gun violence and gun trafficking and hate and extremism,” said Bragg.

Espinosa was advertising and selling 3-D printed ghost gun parts through cellphones smuggled into prison, prosecutors allege. His operation came crashing down, investigators said, when he sold gun parts to an undercover NYPD officer.

“He attempted to sell a Glock-19 handgun and finally sold, we allege, two silencers,” Bragg said.

In 2023, the NYPD confiscated nearly 6,500 illegal guns from New York City streets, and the department is on track to hit the same number again in 2024.

Investigators said the indictment highlights how easy it is for criminals to use 3-D printers to make and sell these deadly switch inserts, which can transform pistols into machine guns.

No, what the indictment does is highlight just how useless New York’s gun control laws actually are.

This is a dude in prison, the most tightly controlled environment in the nation. While prisoners are often able to get away with all kinds of stuff that they shouldn’t, this has got to be a new one. I mean, the dude was selling guns while behind bars.

If that doesn’t illustrate just how useless gun control laws are, then just what in the hell will it take for you to wake up and recognize reality?

If you can’t keep a guy in prison from selling guns, particularly guns that are illegal to even have in the state, then how can you keep selling gun control to the general public? Perhaps a better question is how can anyone still be buying it?

Then again, this is New York. They seem to believe all kinds of silliness, and this is just one example.

Understand that people like Alvin Bragg will not just ignore it as a failure of gun control but hold it up as evidence that more gun control is needed.

As if prison doesn’t have plenty of it already in place.

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