Facebook & Big Tech: Government Won’t Fix Culture

Facebook & Big Tech: Government Won’t Fix Culture

The populist Right’s infatuation with slaying the Facebook dragon is asinine. The government is not going to remedy what’s wrong with our culture.


hould we outlaw the telephone, too . . . or at least put progressives in charge of what we’re allowed to discuss on it? Or maybe we should shut down the encyclopedia business . . . after all, some of the information in those tomes could really upset teenagers.

Absurd, I know. But we live in an age when what was absurd a nanosecond ago becomes mandatory.

The question of suppressing the instrumentalities that facilitate communication in a free society presses thanks to the star turn of Frances Haugen, the so-called Facebook Whistleblower.

Ms. Haugen was the unnamed principal source for a series

Originally Posted on: https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/10/washingtons-whistleblower-show-on-free-enterprise-the-right-turns-left/
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