Fauci Snarls Back at Former CDC Director Redfield, ‘Unequivocally Incorrect’ That He Was Sidelined – RedState

Fauci Snarls Back at Former CDC Director Redfield, ‘Unequivocally Incorrect’ That He Was Sidelined – RedState

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Most of us hoped former COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci would just go away after he retired in December 2022, but the publicity-loving doctor just can’t seem to say no to a camera.

On Thursday, the ubiquitous recent Chief Medical Advisor to the President appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to refute claims by former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield that he’d been sidelined from discussions because of his belief that the COVID virus probably came from a lab:

“He is totally and unequivocally incorrect in what he’s saying that I excluded him,” Fauci fumed. “I had nothing to do with who would be on that [February 2020 conference] call.”

Right, you had a conference call that included 11 top scientists from five time zones about the origins of the Wuhan virus, and you couldn’t be bothered to make sure the CDC director was invited. Totally reasonable.

Fauci was responding to Redfield’s appearance in front of a House Committee earlier this week where he backed the lab-origin theory. From The Hill:

Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made his comments in response to testimony that Redfield gave on Wednesday before a House select subcommittee investigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans serving on the committee focused much of their attention on the theory that the virus escaped from a research laboratory in Wuhan, China, causing the pandemic to start.

Redfield said he believes this theory “based on the biology of the virus itself” more so than the theory that the virus naturally spread from an animal to humans.

Redfield had more bombshell revelations, including that gain-of-function research may be responsible for the pandemic:

RedState’s own Scott Hounsell reported extensively in the early days of the outbreak about how British zoologist Peter Daszak and his non-profit EcoHealth Alliance were deeply involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and bat virus research, and how Anthony Fauci was one of his chief backers. In other words, RedState was one of the first outlets to expose the story of how gain-of-function research might be behind the pandemic.

Redfield went on to describe how he was excluded from crucial discussions about the origins of the virus:

Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), a member of the subcommittee, asked Redfield about a meeting that Jeremy Farrar, the director of the British charity Wellcome Trust, organized of 11 top scientists from five time zones, including Fauci, to discuss the pandemic in February 2020.

She said Fauci responded to an invitation he received for it that he wanted to “keep this group really tight” and keep the discussion “in total confidence.”

Malliotakis asked Redfield why he was “excluded” from the call Farrar organized, and Redfield responded that he was told that they “wanted a single narrative” and he had a different point of view about the origins of the pandemic.

Naturally, this sent The Fauch into a paroxysm of anger—how dare anyone call him out in front of a TV audience?

“He’s a good guy — I’ve known him for years,” Fauci seethed. “I’m just really a little bit disturbed about why he said that, which was completely untrue.”

He went on to explain how he wasn’t in charge of who exactly was on the call, and that it was “unfortunate” that Redfield made “that absolutely incorrect statement.”

The good doctor’s explanation and apparent outrage are a little hard to take—when you have the titles “COVID czar” and “Chief Medical Advisor to the President,” it’s your duty to know who’s on the other end of crucial conference calls involving the future of the country.

It’s my expectation that the more these House hearings continue into the origins of COVID, the more Fauci will be exposed as the charlatan he is, and the more people like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Redfield will be proven right.

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