Fauci’s Latest Admissions Are the Death of Expertise – RedState

Fauci’s Latest Admissions Are the Death of Expertise – RedState

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Noted “experts” who demanded total subservience have once again been exposed as misleading those they sought to control. That’s the story after Dr. Anthony Fauci made several interesting (and disturbing) admissions regarding the federal government’s response to COVID-19. 

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Fauci was testifying in a closed-door setting to the House coronavirus sub-committee when he told those present that the infamous “six foot” social distancing rule was essentially based on nothing.

Dr. Fauci claimed that the “6 feet apart” social distancing recommendation promoted by federal health officials was likely not based on any data. He characterized the development of the guidance by stating, “It sort of just appeared.”

As noted in the above-linked article, the rule didn’t actually “sort of just appear.” Rather, it was based on a high-school science project, showing the amateurish response to the COVID-19 pandemic being instituted by federal bureaucrats. Practically, Fauci and others likely just wanted an excuse to keep people away from each other, and six foot sounded good. That was the extent of their “expertise” on the matter. 

Fauci would go on to also admit the lab leak theory was not, in fact, a conspiracy theory. The good doctor had previously spent years chastising anyone who didn’t subscribe to the natural origins theory, which supposes an elusive bat that has never been traced was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, ask yourself this: Why should you ever listen to anything a government bureaucrat has to say again? 

If they are willing to mislead you on something as stupid as “social distancing” rules, they will no doubt mislead you on far more important and impactful issues in the future. That’s what so infuriating about the discussions around Fauci and others of a similar stripe. We are constantly told we must respect their knowledge while they admit they are making decisions absent of any.

Credentialism is a cancer. There are thousands of people in positions of power with fancy pieces of paper on their walls who couldn’t problem-solve their way out of a paper bag, and many of them work for the federal government. How many times have we been told to “trust the experts.” Why should we given their track record? 

Keep in mind, that the United States government is one of the most mismanaged, bloated, and ineffective entities in human history. Still, those who perpetuate and escalate the problems continue to demand more authority and control, and if you question them, you might as well be spitting on the grave of a saint.

Returning to the COVID-19 pandemic specifically, it’s hard to say the federal response was anything other than a disaster. Many of the mitigation measures pushed to states were ineffective, if not counter-productive in some cases. Did Fauci’s reputation suffer, though? Of course, not. Instead, she’s still lauded as an infallible public servant. You see, that’s the great thing about being an “expert.” Even when you fail miserably, as Fauci did regarding the coronavirus, the credentials still matter more than the results.

Expertise is dead, and it was killed by arrogant individuals who decided their egos were more important than being honest with people. Fauci could have easily said at the time that there was simply no hard science behind the social distancing rules. Instead, he rolled with them because it gave him control, and that’s ultimately what he and others crave. So again, why would anyone trust these people again?

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