Gavin Newsom Stays on the Same Dead End Road to Nowhere – RedState

Gavin Newsom Stays on the Same Dead End Road to Nowhere – RedState

On Thursday, Gavin Newsom rolled out a new COVID plan that isn’t new at all. It’s more like a ’78 Dodge Omni with a new paint job. It’s still an Omni, but with new blue paint.

His Coms team invented an acronym for the “plan”. S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

Yeah, it’s as stupid as it looks.

Newsom’s handling of the pandemic has been less than optimal from the start and largely political, and he’s handling the endemic in the same political fashion. While he and other politicians and celebrities can appear indoors without masks, our children remain masked. In 2020, he closed everything — churches, schools, stores — and everyone was ordered to wear a mask. I recall a man, alone, on a beach was chased by cops. LA County bulldozed 20 tons of sand into a skate park – can’t have people having fun. All in the open air. We are at the end of this regardless of what acronym Newsom wants to invent. Our children remain masked because teacher unions control the schools.

Newsom could drop all mandates and follow the lead of other states. He could take the right road to freedom. He won’t. He won’t because of politics.

If you want a comprehensive read on Newsom’s  “SMARTER” plan, read Jennifer Oliver O’Connell’s take.

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