Holt, Shaffer to Newsmax: Israel Is Having Tactical Success

Holt, Shaffer to Newsmax: Israel Is Having Tactical Success

In an appearance on Newsmax’sSaturday Report,” retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer and retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Blaine Holt shared their perspectives on Israel’s ongoing battle against entrenched terrorists.

Shaffer commended the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) meticulous approach, stating, “It’s very precise, and they’re taking casualties because they’re going room to room, block to block.” He emphasized the immense difficulty of the challenge but noted the effectiveness of Israel’s operations.

Shaffer drew attention to the desperation of Hamas, highlighting that the group is now seeking assistance from external sources, particularly Egypt, as they face significant pressure. “Hamas is now desperate. Hamas is now looking to others for help,” he said.

He also connected the situation in Israel to broader regional concerns, mentioning the involvement of Iran and the activities of Hezbollah and the Houthi in the Red Sea.

Concerns were raised about the financial support inadvertently provided to adversaries. Shaffer, referring to a point made by Holt, expressed surprise at the revelation that the United States is funding both sides of the conflict in the Red Sea by allowing unlimited oil sales from Iran.

“We in the United States are funding both sides of the conflict in the Red Sea. We’re actually allowing unlimited amounts of oil to be sold by Iran. We’re giving them back their money, so we’re actually paying them for the privilege of having the Houthi attack us,” he added.

Shaffer urged a reconsideration of U.S. energy policies to defund adversaries, emphasizing the need to prioritize American interests over the pursuit of green energy initiatives.

In a separate interview segment, retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Blaine Holt addressed reports of an Iranian spy ship directing Houthi missiles in the Red Sea.

Holt proclaimed, “there was no way that they put missiles onto ships with the Houthis; I mean, you can give him the greatest toys in the world. It doesn’t mean they’re trained in how to use them. That means there’s a command and control structure,” which is Iran.

Holt questioned the administration’s reluctance to acknowledge Iranian involvement and criticized their lack of response to the influx of funds supporting hostile campaigns. Holt voiced concern about the escalation of the conflict, now extending beyond Israel into a regional war.

Holt also criticized the administration’s handling of military resources, pointing out the Navy’s reported lack of ships to address the threats.

He expressed frustration, saying, “What are we spending a trillion dollars a year for, if we can’t clobber them with at least one carrier Strike Group?” Holt criticized the withdrawal of major NATO countries from Operation Prosperity Guardian, attributing it to perceived shortcomings in American military leadership.

“So that must mean the academics in the White House should not be in charge of our national security, and they’ve proven it for three years now, he said.


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