How The Left’s ‘Woke Communism’ Contradicts American Justice

How The Left’s ‘Woke Communism’ Contradicts American Justice

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Tom Klingenstein, chairman of the board of directors for the Claremont Institute, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his article “Winning the Cold Civil War” and the problems with “woke communism.”

“All men and women are equal means, as you know, all men and women have an equal chance, equal opportunity. It doesn’t mean that they end up equally,” Klingenstein said. “And of course, under social justice, they are supposed to end up equally. Well, that denies the various variabilities, the various differences of human beings. So again, what we’ve got is another fundamental difference that can’t be bridged.”

Klingenstein said delaying a response and rebuttal to this ideology will only open the door for more problems in the future.

“The longer we don’t rebut this, the more people believe it,” Klingenstein said. “That’s why, again, it’s so important to rebut this.”

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