Hundreds of Pro-Hamas Protesters Ignite Smoke Bombs at UPenn, Chant ‘Intifada Revolution’ – RedState

Hundreds of Pro-Hamas Protesters Ignite Smoke Bombs at UPenn, Chant ‘Intifada Revolution’ – RedState

Pro-Hamas protesters on Sunday night took to the streets of the West Philadelphia neighborhood known as University City, home to Ivy-league school UPenn, igniting smoke bombs with the colors of the Palestinian flag and chanting “Intifada revolution.”

Merriam-Webster describes intifada as an “UPRISING, [or] REBELLION,” while Wikipedia defines it further:

An intifada (Arabic: انتفاضة intifāḍah) is a rebellion or uprising, or a resistance movement. It is a key concept in contemporary Arabic usage referring to a uprising against oppression.[1

Yes, they are on the streets of an American city calling for rebellion. As Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik writes, “Imagine being a Jewish student there…” 

It was a “mostly peaceful” protest, if you consider antisemitic vandalism to be peaceful:

RedState has written numerous articles about the state of higher education in America and the unhinged reactions of both professors and students to the Israel-Hamas war, but this is yet another low for them. Chanting “Intifada revolution?” Seriously?

What the Heck Is With Higher Education? Myriad Student Groups Express Support for Hamas Terror Attacks

That wasn’t the only antisemitic action of the evening in Philadelphia—demonstrators also targeted a Jewish restaurant owned by an Israeli Sunday night. The owner’s crime? Simply being Jewish:

A passerby described what he saw outside the eatery:

To clarify, I witnessed them placing stickers on the front door & windows of the restaurant.  I just walked by – “Free Palestine” & “This is Genocide” (serving falafel?) stickers plastered out front.

Interestingly, in an unexpected twist, it’s been Pennsylvania’s own Democrat Senator John Fetterman who has been one of the voices calling out pro-Hamas supporters and decrying the rampant antisemitism running wild in our country. Few would have predicted that, considering that many Democrats, especially The Squad, have been unwilling to call out the antisemitism in their own ranks.

It’s astonishing that so many would support this type of action when RedState and other news outlets have extensively documented the savagery and wanton bloodlust of the Hamas attacks. Israel has no choice but to fight back if it wants to survive—yet these people are on the streets applauding Hamas and its regime of terror. 

Hamas still holds over 100 hostages and recently sabotaged ceasefire negotiations by refusing to even list who they were holding. These protesters must know somewhere deep in their hateful minds that Hamas could stop this thing tomorrow by releasing their captives, laying down their arms, and disbanding their terror group. 

But they won’t. And zealots will continue storming our streets until they face some actual consequences.

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