Illinois Gov. Hopeful Irvin to Newsmax: You Solve Crime By Backing the Blue

Illinois Gov. Hopeful Irvin to Newsmax: You Solve Crime By Backing the Blue

Richard Irvin, the mayor of Aurora, told Newsmax on Thursday that he reduced crime in the Illinois city by supporting the “men and women in blue.”

“Showing that you got the backs of those men and women that wear the badge and come out of their home every single day and put their lives on the line to keep us safe” is essential.

Irvin, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Illinois, said during an appearance on “Stinchfield” that it is crucial politicians “show police that you got their back,” detailing how he went on raids with his city’s department as a prosecutor.

“Riding along with our police officers, and going on drug raids, and bringing down serious criminals. That’s what a leader does in a community. That’s what I did as a prosecutor, that’s how I took my time as mayor, working with the police to address issues, and that’s exactly what I’ll do as governor,” Irvin explained.

The candidate then criticized his state’s incumbent, Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker for being soft on crime, characterizing his legislative agenda as forwarding “I hate the police bills.”

“They’re not crime bills. What they are is, ‘I hate the police bills.’ They are defund the police bills,” Irvin said. “These bills that give more credibility to criminals than they do to the victims that these criminals victimized. They give more credibility to criminals than the police that do their job arresting them every single day.

“The first thing that I [would] do as governor is I [will] work hard to repeal these,” he added.

Irvin also took issue with Pritzker’s tax policy, calling out his attempt to institute a graduated tax, which the Aurora mayor described as “the largest tax hike on the residents of Illinois that we’ve ever seen in our history.”

Pritzker’s “coming up with many gimmicks to attempt to raise taxes, in a time where our residents need support. They need help the most as the price of groceries go up every day, the price of gas goes up every day,” he stated.

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