Katie Hill’s Former Staff Unloads on Her Former Congressional Twitter Account

Katie Hill’s Former Staff Unloads on Her Former Congressional Twitter Account

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It seems the drama doesn’t stop for Katie Hill.

Tuesday afternoon it was announced that Katie Hill’s story was going to be made into a movie by some Hollywood big-hitters, to tell “her side of the story.”

The Katie Hill drama first unfolded here on RedState, when Deputy Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar exposed Hill’s abuse of her staffer(s) in an expose that made national news.  Since then there have been follow-ups, including a recent piece highlighting her former campaign manager’s role in the abuse and potential coverup.

Now someone claiming to be one of Hill’s former staffers logged on to Hill’s dormant official government Twitter account to complain about the praise being shoveled upon their former boss, and doesn’t hold back.  Thread:

Katie has already claimed that the Twitter rant was the work of a hacker:

In my opinion, it is hard to believe that this is a hack as the person could have made any sort of wild accusation and completely thrown their former boss under the bus.  An examination of the tweets can show that the person is sympathetic to the former Congressperson’s plight but also not forgiving of the position in which she put them.  It is a very nuanced position, and not one you would expect a hacker to communicate so well in just 10 tweets.

More to come as the story updates.


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