Mass Looting and Riots Break out in Philadelphia – RedState

Mass Looting and Riots Break out in Philadelphia – RedState

Reports are coming in from Philadelphia of mass looting and rioting from Center City. 

The rioting follows a peaceful protest earlier on Tuesday over a judge’s decision to dismiss murder charges against a police officer who shot and killed Eddie Irizarry through a closed car window, though it’s not confirmed they are connected.  

The flash mob-style ransacking followed an earlier peaceful protest over a judge’s Tuesday decision to dismiss murder and other charges against a Philadelphia police officer who shot and killed a driver, Eddie Irizarry, through a rolled-up window.

However, several police commanders said that the store ransacking wasn’t connected to earlier demonstrations, CBS Philadelphia reported.

Videos and reports are saying that large groups of suspects are entering large stores and stealing anything they can get their hands on, and running out of the stores. At least four separate locations were hit by large groups of suspects

Among the stores looted were the Footlocker and the Apple store near 15th and Chestnut and the Lululemon in Center City.

A police officer said over 100 juveniles looted the Lululemon.

Chaos seems to reign in Philadelphia tonight, and nobody seems to know when it will end, as police are seemingly powerless to stop them due to being severely outnumbered.  

This is a breaking news story and will update as information comes in.

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