New Harvard Report Pushes For Gun Ban And More – Bearing Arms

New Harvard Report Pushes For Gun Ban And More – Bearing Arms

”In thinking about security, it is worth noting that many people carry guns for self-defense and see guns as a form of protection and security. Gun ownership and gun safety are 2 sides of the same coin. Without a constitutional amendment, guns cannot and should not be banned. However, gun ownership is not an unlimited right. This right must be balanced and contextualized. Framing this debate as being about gun safety rather than “taking away guns,” brings it closer to public concerns about reducing gun violence, while still allowing for responsible gun ownership. This means accepting a responsibility for safety and security along with maintaining the right to own and carry a gun.

How to Reimagine Rights and Responsibilities:

• Mandate Gun Regulation. The next U.S. administration should take the lead in calling for legislation that balances Second Amendment rights with the protection of public safety. Gun regulation can be formulated that protects both the constitutional right to bear arms and public safety.

• Ban Categories of Gun Sales and Restrict Gun Ownership. Federal and state legislation should ban the sale or use of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines; ban the purchase and ownership of guns by persons with mental illness, individuals under 21, and domestic partners with domestic violence misdemeanor convictions (the “boyfriend loophole”); and require gun owners to store guns in locked containers.

• Regulate the Sale and Manufacture of Guns. Federal and state legislation should require background checks for all gun sales, including at gun shows, online, and in private sales; mandate a 1 week waiting period for gun sale approval; require the Justice Department to publish the identities and locations of gun dealers who have sold guns that have been used in crimes; repeal federal law protecting gun dealers and manufacturers from liability in civil suits for death or injury resulting from the use of guns they sold or manufactured.

• Institute a Federal Gun Buyback Program. The federal government should establish a program to buy back guns from private owners in order to reduce the size of a national arsenal of 393 million guns now privately owned in U.S.

• Expand Research and Polling on Gun Violence. The federal government should support research and polling on gun violence in the U.S. in order to provide a scientific basis and public opinion support for establishing the balance of gun rights and public safety in gun regulation.”

Nothing like buying your way into a university to use it for your own agenda…

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