Now The Joker Can Get Pregnant, Because of Course He Can – RedState

Now The Joker Can Get Pregnant, Because of Course He Can – RedState

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The woke have been on the move in a quest to destroy everything in academia and popular culture for years now. If they haven’t yet sullied the memory of one of your favorite comic book characters, don’t worry—they’ll keep trying. Batman’s nemesis The Joker is the latest to get the treatment, because apparently now he’s able to get pregnant and have his own baby. Not exactly the type of plotline they used to feature in my favorite show growing up, the 1960s’ incredibly campy but wonderful Batman. (If the theme song didn’t just pop into your head, there may be something wrong with you. Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh….BATMAN!)

Times have changed:

The storyline is from the latest edition in the DC Comics series, “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing,” and is advertised as his “most bizarre caper yet.” Oh, I can agree with that.

The pregnancy is caused by super-heroine Zatanna, a magic user, who casts a spell on The Joker which goes wrong. The spell makes the green villain “female-repellant” (you mean he wasn’t already?) and able to get knocked up.

How does he give birth to his offspring? you might ask. No, thankfully he doesn’t go in for some radical surgery or anything:

Joker gives birth by vomiting a sort of brown goo that, upon leaving his body, forms into a young boy that looks just like Joker.

I feel like vomiting after seeing my favorite comic book series as a child turned into mush like this.

The Joker joins characters like Tim Drake, “the third Robin,” who is gay; Aquaman, who is now a queer Black man; the Green Lantern who is now also gay, as is Iceman; Thor villain Loki, who is gender-fluid; Harley Quinn and Ivy who are non-monogamous girlfriends; and Batwoman and Wonder Woman who are both, of course, queer.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to characters with different preferences (although there do seem to be an awful lot of them statistically). What I object to is the sudden change in a favorite character that has been beloved for decades. Let Aquaman be Aquaman, and go draw your own queer underwater person.

To be fair, artists and writers have created some new characters with a range of sexual identities, but they don’t have the reach of the classics. I still say—keep your hands off the old ones.

Concerning The Joker’s gestation, you could ask, what do you care? It’s a loony storyline in a loony comic universe—what’s the big deal? I could agree with that argument if we lived in different times. Some weird stuff has happened in the Batman world over the years; after all, it’s hard coming up with plots for the 84 straight years since Bob Kane introduced the character in 1939. But we live in a time when a Supreme Court candidate is unable to tell us what a woman is, and people are routinely censored for saying the simple fact that men cannot get pregnant or give birth.

The message in The Joker’s pregnancy is quite clear: men can get pregnant, and you better deal with it. In my youth, comics were a creative, slightly subversive source of fun and distraction, and have now led to many billion-dollar movie franchises. This, however, is yet another example of woke culture creeping into something that people used to enjoy and driving them away. Although Batman still rules the comic book world, one has to wonder whether people will tire of the increasing wokeness and yearn for the days of “BIFF,” BOOM,” ‘BAM!”

The answer, and the power, is in the hands of consumers, as the commenters on The Daily Mail article about this say—stop buying it. As my colleague Brandon Morse argues in his many stories on similar subjects: go woke, go broke.


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