Pelosi: Husband Needs Time to ‘Be Back to Normal’

Pelosi: Husband Needs Time to ‘Be Back to Normal’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her husband needs time to return “to normal” after being attacked in their San Francisco home last year.

Pelosi told CNN’s Chris Wallace that Paul Pelosi is “doing OK,” and it will still “take a little while for him to be back to normal.”

“I feel very sad about it because of what happened, but also more sad because the person was searching for me,” Nancy Pelosi said on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.” “My dear husband, who is not even that political, actually, paid the price.

“He had wounds and all the rest in that on his body. Those took time, but they healed. Tendons, you know all that stuff. But the head is a different thing.”

Paul Pelosi, 82, was attacked and severely beaten by an assailant with a hammer who broke into the home in October. Pelosi underwent surgery for a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands, and was released from a hospital in November.

“Anyone who’s had a head injury knows that you have to be very careful,” Nancy Pelosi said. “You have to be careful about movement. You have to careful about light. You have to be careful about sound. And it just takes a while. You get very tired … it will take probably another three or four months, according to the doctors, for him to be really himself.”

She added that her husband is “very strong,” the incident has been very “sad for our family,” and that it’s a situation that must be taken “one day at a time.”

Paul Pelosi and his wife in December attended the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. It was his first public appearance since the attack.

“He’s been out a bit because the doctor said he has to have something to look forward to, and so again, one day at a time,” Nancy Pelosi said.

Although the former speaker relinquished her leadership role, she still serves in the House as representative for California’s 11th District.

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