Pfizer Sponsored Group Pushing Child Transgenderism, Profits From Puberty Blockers, Hormone Therapy

Pfizer Sponsored Group Pushing Child Transgenderism, Profits From Puberty Blockers, Hormone Therapy

Pfizer sponsored an organization encouraging child sex changes while profiting from puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormone therapy, a document reviewed by The Daily Wire reveals. 

The pharmaceutical titan partnered with the GenderCool Project, an organization that seeks to generate positive media coverage of children who identify as transgender. 

Children who identify as transgender and are affiliated with the organization have been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, ABC News,​​ The Today Show, and Teen Vogue. One member of the organization even spoke at the White House.

The GenderCool Project also distributes pro-trans books aimed at children. One such book, called “A Kid’s Book About Being Transgender,” states that “Gender is uniquely beautiful, and each person’s experience is individual to them.” Another book, “A Kids Book About Being Nonbinary,” is listed for readers ages five and up.

While Pfizer is absent from the GenderCool Project’s current list of corporate backers, it is listed on a document obtained by The Daily Wire that highlights the different sponsorship tiers. “Partner with GenderCool to prepare for the next-gen workforce, support your employee parents, and enable our life-changing, even life-saving, work,” the document reads.

It explains that platinum partners must give the organization $35,000 a year, while gold and silver partners must give $20,000 and $10,000, respectively. Meanwhile, corporations could also become bronze partners for $7,500 and copper sponsors for $5,000 a year.

 In exchange, the GenderCool Project offered companies “curated support for employee parents of trans and non-binary children” and a “virtual GenderCool Event,” among other perks. 

It is unclear whether Pfizer’s corporate sponsorship with the GenderCool Project is ongoing or how much money it gave to the organization. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giant produces several different drugs used by those attempting to transition into the opposite sex. 

One such product is Depo-Estradiol, an estradiol cypionate injection used by men who identify as women as well as menopausal women to increase estrogen levels in the body, resulting in the development of feminine characteristics in the recipient. 

Pfizer product Aldactone, a form of spironolactone, is “the most commonly used androgen blocker in the U.S.,” according to the University of California San Francisco Transgender Care clinic. There’s also Depo-Provera, a Pfizer product used to feminize men who identify as women.

Pfizer also produces Depo-Testosterone, a testosterone cypionate injection used by women attempting to transition into men. There’s also Synarel, a Pfizer product that can block puberty. Synarel is a nasal spray and has been suggested as an alternative to injections. 

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giant also sponsored the Human Rights Campaign’s “health equity index,” a ranking system incentivizing hospitals to provide so-called “gender-affirming care,” which seeks to modify a patient’s sex.

But Pfizer isn’t the only pharmaceutical company that’s sponsored the GenderCool Project while also producing drugs used in medical transition attempts. One report found that Abbvie Pharmaceuticals also supported the organization. The company produces Lupron Depot, a puberty-blocking drug that has been used to chemically castrate sex offenders. 

Abbvie also produces Androderm, a trans-dermal testosterone patch used for cross-sex hormone therapy by women attempting to become men. The drug has been discontinued due to a supposed shortage.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals also sponsored the pro-transgender organization, according to an archived screenshot of the site. Bayer produces a drug called cyproterone acetate, an anti-androgen used to feminize men who identify as women. Bayer creates multiple different forms of the drug.

“It is often used in combination with estrogens in trans women to achieve feminization,” one study that discusses the use of cyproterone acetate reads. Transgender activist Zinnia Jones discussed the use of cyproterone acetate in an article titled “Four low-cost alternatives to puberty blockers for transgender adolescents.”


One of the cyproterone acetate drugs that Bayer creates is called Diane-35ED. The drug also includes ethinylestradiol, which assists in feminizing a man who attempts to transition into a woman. The drug has been used by men who attempt to develop breasts to appear feminine.

January Littlejohn, a Patient Advocate with Do No Harm, blasted the GenderCool Project as “part of a larger agenda to normalize the ideology that children can be born in the wrong body and need to have access to medical interventions as the sole solution.”

She went on to note that “these medical interventions are costly, and they must be maintained for the lifetime of the user, generating significant profits for Big Pharma.” She also pointed out that, according to multiple different studies, roughly 98% of minors who take puberty blockers go on to take cross-sex hormone therapy.

“It is not surprising that big pharma would partner with an organization aiming to normalize a mental health issue from which they would profit immensely,” Littlejohn contended.

Neither Pfizer nor the GenderCool Project responded to a request for comment.

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